Friday, November 2, 2012

Hallmark Channel Premieres Christmas Movies


CHRISTMAS MOVIES will be airing ALL WEEKEND starting Nov. 2 - Friday Night, at 8 PM with Annie Claus is Coming to Town!

From there... Christmas Movies will be played all throughout the Night and Day... ALL Weekend Long!

Premiering on Saturday Night, is Christmas Song starring Gabe Hogan (Bridal Fever, Heartland) and Natasha Henstridge (You Lucky Dog). This movie was written by Kevin Commins. Please be sure to check out my interview with Kevin, here.

November 3rd, 2012
Hallmark Channel, 8 PM

Christmas Song” Promo Video:

Premiering on Sunday Night, is Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. This Romantic Comedy will take you through the creation process of a Thanksgiving Parade, while it’s story centers around Love and Romance... around the Thanksgiving Holiday!

November 4th, 2012
Hallmark Channel, 8 PM

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade” Promo Video:

*See the Christmas TV Schedule for Times Airing!

*See the Christmas Song page for More Movie Details and Images!

*See the Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade page for More Movie Details and NEW Images!

Enjoy the Christmas Movies this Weekend!!!


  1. I have a question : can we say that the closer to Chrismas a movie airs, the better the movie is, at least in Hallmark's eyes.

  2. I'm watching Hallmark
    Channel as I type! Yay! Glad that there are some uplifting shows on this weekend!


  3. Hallmark Channel on facebook is having a vote of your fav Hallmark Christmas movie! Make sure to vote!


  4. Hallmark channel rocks! I'm sure I've said it before. I've been enjoying the movies...that I've already seen 100 times...they never get old. =O) Unfortunately, I missed The Christmas Song, but I'm sure they'll play it again.

  5. Misty wrote:
    Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade is now one of my most fav Hallmark Channel movies! The actors had amazing chemistry and I loved the vintage outfits she wore!

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  7. I enjoyed both Christmas Movies over the weekend... Christmas Song & Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade! I would say - they are both Keepers!

    Misty and Michelle: I'm so glad you both enjoyed "Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade - it was a fun one!

    Also, I must say... our family liked "Christmas Song" and hopefully you'll be able to catch it during the Christmas Season, too!

  8. both of these movies were very good....especially like the parade one.

  9. I must say that I like the Love at the Thanksgiving Parade. The Christmas Song not so much.
    I do enjoy watching the movies on Hallmark though.

  10. I loved "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade!" Just wonderful!!

  11. I love the Hallmark Channel, especially when they start playing holiday movies like this. Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade looks really good, too. I missed its premiere because I’ve been working extra hours at DISH, but I recorded it on my DVR. So it’s saved on my DISH Hopper, which has plenty of memory for me to keep the movie and all my other shows until I have time to watch them. I’m thinking of going back to watch Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving. It just seems appropriate.

  12. Please, please, what can we do to get evey Christmas Movie on DVD?? each year I pre order every one I can get my hands on because I fear we may loose Christmas and It's true meaning. How I look forward to Hallmark and all the channels that air these wonderful movies!!

  13. Those of you in the USA may have a nutcase for a president but you are truly blessed with decent TV viewing. I find this blog hard to read as we have nothing like this in Canada and it only makes me covet your options. I have called my Cable supplier many times and asked for the Hallmark Channel. They tell me there is not enough interest which I know is a lie. Truth is, there are Canadian channels which do not like the competition, yet they show us nothing but garbage! I was thrilled to learn we could now get the Lifetime channel here only to find out it too is a Canadian version and they show nothing like the US version. Might as well turn the TV off! : (

  14. Loved the Thanksgiving Day Parade movie! One of my new favorites!!


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