Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beware "Hatfields & McCoys"

The story of the feud between the Hatfields & McCoys is part truth and part legend...

The History Channel is re-creating their drama in a 3-part Mini-series , starting on Memorial Day. Movie stars Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Tom Berenger, Mare Winningham, Jena Malone, etc....

WARNING: Please know, I am not including this Movie on the Family Schedule. I am writing this post to warn you that this show is extremely violent with killings, shootings, and scalpings... way more than your average "old-fashioned" western movie. Also, it includes other inappropriate situations (including sexually graphic scenes).

I typically enjoy your run-of-the-mill "Good Guy" Cowboy film - who carries a gun, rides a horse, and captures the "Bad Guys" - but after reviewing several promos for this mini-series, I wanted to be certain to warn you of the graphic nature of this movie series. The feud of the Hatfields & McCoys began after the Civil War, and is a part of our American History. Many war movies are graphic, as well - and I'm not saying do not watch them... however, I am warning you of the intense violence of this film and letting you know this (dramatized) program, is NOT appropriate for young viewers - while I'm sure it will be a hit with some adults, who enjoy History - like my Uncle, who is a Civil War History buff.

*See the History Channel Page on the Hatfields and McCoys for more details.

Also, see the IMDB page for the Hatfields & McCoys, for more Images of this film.

( Click Here for DVD information for Hatfields & McCoys. )

*Please remember: I am NOT endorsing this film - especially for family viewing.


  1. Thank you for forewarning us about the viloent nature of this miniseries. I have it set on my DVR, so I can fast forward through inappropriate and graphic scenes. I'm intrigued by this story/feud and want to see the miniseries, but on my own terms.
    Thanks, again,

  2. I agree with you, Susan... I'm thinking of doing the same thing.

    Jena Malone (Ellen Foster, Pride & Prejudice, etc...) and Mare Winningham (The Magic of Ordinary Days, etc...) are such fabulous actresses - I would love to see them together in this.

  3. This movie was great!


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