Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Which Christmas Character are You?

Simply answer this Question below to find out!  (You can even add your answer to your site - if you want to!)

Your Christmas Spirit is most likely, described as...?
(click on your answer)

1. Jolly, Happy, and love giving to others

2. an Adventurous Dreamer and Faithful Friend

3. Sometimes Selfish and Greedy

4. Cheerful and Angelically Sweet

5. A True Believer, and Optomist

6. Curious and Mischievous, yet very Clever

7. Always Singing a Christmas Melody

Be sure to click on your answer above to see the results.

You can always take the quiz again to see various characters!




  1. Oh, this is fun - I loved taking the Poll and seeing who I am. No, I 'm not the Grinch - I'm actually Cindy Lou Who!

    Thank you! Merry Christmas! E.W.

  2. Just caught this - this Morning!!! I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see who I am.... maybe I'm like Santa .. HO! HO! Lee

  3. I'm like Judy Garland, too. Wish I had a blog to add the picture to. It's very pretty. Thank you for the fun site. Love all the Christmas Movie News! Thank you! Merry Christmas! Katie


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