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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

INSP Announces Its New Fall Schedule

I wanted to share this press release I was sent from INSP's Manager of Corporate Communications. Looks like they are going to continue to air great family shows. Plus, check below and see the new series they have added!

August 15, 2011

INSP Announces Its New Fall Schedule:

Building on Strong Audience Response to ‘New Day’ Direction, Network Adds Beloved TV Favorites

Indian Land, SC – INSP-The Inspiration Network has announced a fall 2011 schedule that features many of the greatest family favorites in television history. The announcement was made today by Doug Butts, SVP of Programming.

New to the network are such treasured classics as Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Brady Bunch and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. These programs reinforce the current schedule that includes The Waltons, Our House, Highway to Heaven, Wind at My Back, and others.

“We have assembled a lineup with some of the highest-profile, most popular family-oriented television series ever produced,” Butts said. “In these complicated times, millions of viewers are longing for a safe haven amid a complex media environment. We are creating a real ‘home’ where viewers find hope and a comfortable place to be encouraged and share memories. And we are celebrating the timeless values that still unite families and provide real ‘inspiration.’”

INSP is tightly focused on reaching the 78 million Ameri­cans who are a part of the Baby Boom generation, with a particular emphasis on those who are socially-conservative. The strategy was launched in October 2010 with the ‘New Day’ initiative, a culmination of more than two years of planning and research.

“We have found that a significant segment of the American population yearns for optimistic, life-affirming programs,” said Butts. “They desire content that positively portrays faith, family, devotion to friends and just being a good neighbor. We are committed to give them what they’re looking for. And it’s working. At a time when the majority of television networks are experiencing rating declines, INSP’s viewership is skyrocketing!”

INSP was the first national network to secure Rentrak’s national ratings services. Then, in September 2010, Nielsen ratings were contracted. “We continue to use these and other resources to carefully track audience responses and constantly monitor market conditions. This has helped us create and refine a program philosophy designed to help fill a void in the market and satisfy the demands of literally millions of Americans. As a result, INSP has become one of America’s fastest-growing cable networks. Weekly average ratings have increased by more than 145%, with increases of 1400% and more in some dayparts. In fact, INSP has become the number one network in viewers per viewing household (VPVH) for women 35+.”

The fall schedule commences on Monday, September 26, 2011. Prior to the premiere, INSP will air an all-day marathon of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on Monday, August 29th. Viewers can check their local program guides for channel line-up information or visit www.insp.com.

INSP is available in more than 54 million homes across the U.S. on 2,800 cable systems and on DirecTV channel 364.

The following presents the descriptions of INSP’s new fall programs:

DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN, starring Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Erika Flores and Shawn Toovey, is a drama about one of the first female doctors on the American frontier. Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn (Seymour) faces the challenges of the West in the 1860s, and the townsfolk who reluctantly begin to accept her. As a physician and adoptive mother to three orphaned children--Matthew (Allen), Colleen (Flores) and Brian (Toovey)--the determined Dr. Quinn works to leave her mark on the town of Colorado Springs. Byron Sully (Lando), whose closest companion is a wolf and who is one of the most enigmatic men she's ever met, stands by her side as she struggles to forge a new life for herself on the frontier.

BONANZA, starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts. The Cartwright's thousand-square-mile Ponderosa Ranch is located near Virginia City, Nevada, site of the Comstock Silver Lode, during and after the Civil War. Each of the sons was born to a different wife of Ben's, with none of the mothers still alive. Join Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe as they protect their ranch while helping neighbors and strangers through the many trials they face on the Nevada frontier. These were the days where family values and the fight for justice were backed up by six-guns that always had right on their side.

THE BIG VALLEY, starring Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, Linda Evans, Peter Breck and Richard Long. The Barkleys are the wealthiest and most powerful family in California's San Joaquin Valley in the 1870s, owning and controlling cattle herds, gold mines, citrus groves, and logging camps. Follow the family's trials and tribulations as matriarch Victoria Barkley and her adult brood confront bank robbers, horse thieves, revolutionaries, land grabbers and other dangers with the strength of family, faith, integrity, courage and teamwork.

THE BRADY BUNCH, starring Florence Henderson, Robert Reed and Ann Davis, tells the story of Carol, a single mother of three girls – Marcia, Jan and Cindy - and architect Mike Brady, a single father of three boys – Greg, Peter and Bobby – who get married and blend the two families into one. Added to the mix are housekeeper Alice and dog Tiger. The Brady’s experience the same obstacles as any family, from adjusting to their new extended family, to sibling rivalry. The comedy series famous for its catchy theme song truly has become a pop culture icon and is still enjoyed by viewers of all ages.


About The Inspiration Networks:

The Inspiration Networks are available to more than a billion people worldwide through multiple distribution platforms, including four satellite and cable TV networks (INSP - The Inspiration Network; Halogen TV (www.halogentv.com); LFC - La Familia Cosmovision; and INI - Inspiration Network International). The Inspiration Networks also operate “Halogen On Demand,” for national television video on demand (VOD) delivery; and “Inspiration Global,” providing broadband video content to non-English speaking audiences.

Connect with INSP:

INSP Fall 2011 Schedule

Effective Monday, September 26, 2011 (unless noted)

Weekdays (Series programming only listed)
1:30pm The Waltons (new start time/replaces Wind At My Back)
2:30pm The Brady Bunch (replaces Wind At My Back)
3:00pm The Big Valley (replaces Gaithel Gospel Hour)
4:00pm The Big Valley (replaces Gaithel Gospel Hour)
5:00pm Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Effect 8/30 (replaces Our House)
6:00pm Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Effect 8/30 (replaces Highway to Heaven)
7:00pm The Brady Bunch (replaces Wind At My Back)
7:30pm The Brady Bunch (replaces Wind At My Back cont.)
8:00pm The Waltons
9:00pm The Waltons
10:00pm Inspiration Today
10:30pm Joyce Meyer
11:00pm Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Effect 8/30 (replaces religious)
12:00am The Big Valley (replaces Wind At My Back)
1:00am Our House

Saturdays (Series programming only listed)
7:00pm Bonanza (replaces religious)
8:00pm The Big Valley (replaces religious)
9:00pm Real Inspiration MOVIE (replaces religious)
11:00pm Real Inspiration MOVIE (replaces religious)
1:00am The Big Valley (replaces religious)

Sundays (Series programming only listed)
1:00pm Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (replaces Movie)
2:00pm Wind At My Back (replaces Movie)
3:00pm Real Inspiration MOVIE
5:00pm Religious
12:00am Real Inspiration MOVIE

(*INSP Fall 2011 schedule obtained from:  http://www.sitcomsonline.com/boards/showthread.php?t=287931#ixzz1VCQBqbHp. Thank you!)

Hopefully, you will enjoy the Family Programming on this great network!

I personally wish they hadn't scaled back on the show - Wind at my Back. Our family really enjoys it. Otherwise, we Absolutely Love the series of -  The Waltons and are glad to see it continue in the same time-slot!

Thank you INSP for your wonderful family programming!

God bless you all!!!


  1. You play the same shows of Bonanza,You should start from the begining and keep going. i like the show so i set to record. But i end up deleating because ive seen them. As i said you keep playing the same ones over and over. Something different please

  2. please do not stop showing BIG VALLEY it is one of the best western show please show a different from each season include all four season thank

  3. please keep the BIG VALLEY and use different shows from all four season it is one of the best western along with others like WAGON TRAIN


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