Monday, August 22, 2011

GMC will Launch Monthly Original Movies

Looks like GMC (previously known as: Gospel Music Channel) would like to have some of the same success as the Hallmark Channel does - by premiering their own Original Made-for-TV Movies every month!

Upcoming GMC World Premiere Family Movies are:
( from GMC Press Release )

  • 5th Quarter (November) - Andie MacDowell, Aidan Quinn, Ryan Merriman

*Click on Each Title above - for more details!

Having more "New Movies" on TV is exciting news for anyone who enjoys watching movies at home, instead of the theater. Plus, with the economy - it's good to get the most out of the luxury of having cable television ... and if that means watching made-for-TV movies or simply waiting 'til a certain Theater Movie is played on Cable, Network TV, or comes out on DVD - that's fine. All of these options are typically less expensive than the average family - going to the theater.

I hope you and your family will enjoy these new GMC films! Be sure to click on the film titles - if you would like further details on any of the Movies listed above.

Have a Beautiful Day... God Bless!

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  1. Thanks! I love your site so much I did not even know I had that channel. I have had so much fun watching movies you mention or setting my DVR. I have also become addicted to TCM lately! Love the all day marathons of the movie stars from the old days!


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