Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anne of Green Gables Movies on DVD and more....

As the Anne of Green Gables series continues to air weekdays on TV (see the Family TV Schedule), I have received numerous e-mails asking, "Where can I get Anne of Green Gables on DVD?" , "How does it come?",  "Is it available seperately or in one complete collection?" The answer is - Both! Anne can be purchased seperately in three different movie sets or you can purchase it in one complete collection. I have all the details below!

I personally own... Anne of Green Gables, first on VHS - from the early 1990's and now I own all of the movies as they were each released seperately on DVD. In fact, we purchased our very first VCR - just so we could watch Anne of Green Gables on Video! I'm sure all Kindred Spirits will love and understand that! Anne was truly our incentive in getting the VCR- and I remember, it was a lot of money back then, for one...
but, oh... so worth every penny!

Anne of Green Gables Movies on DVD
(all Three Movies...)

The first Movie is titled:
Anne of Green Gables

The second Movie is titled:
Anne of Green Gables - The Sequel

The third Movie is titled:
Anne of Green Gables - The Continuing Story

The Anne Trilogy of Movies are available in One Set:
Over 10 hours of family viewing!

The Anne of Green Gables Collection:

There is also, an Anne of Green Gables: Complete Four-Part Collection:

Includes all 3 Anne of Green Gables Miniseries Movies
plus, the new Movie - Anne of Green Gables, a new Beginning

18 hours of family viewing!

Anne of Green Gables, a new Beginning, can be purchased seperately:
(Please note: Megan Follows does not portray Anne in this!)

All three Anne of Green Gables Movies are also available on VHS:

Anne of Green Gables Soundtracks/Music:

Anne of Green Gables Audio Radio Theatre:

Anne of Green Gables Books:

The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set:


2 Box Sets:

Anne of Green Gables with illustrations and free audiobook link for download:


God Bless all of you, dear Kindred Spirits!

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