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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Movie Night Movie : Field of Vision


Field of Vision

Network: NBC

Original Air Date: June 11, 2011


Tony Oller ... Tyler McFarland
Faith Ford ... Jody
Michael L. Covington ... Coach Green
Alyssa Shafer ... Lucy
Joe Adler ... Corey
Christopher Tavarez ... Alex
Erin Smith ... Crissy
Zack Mines ... Dugan
Steve Coulter ... Cornelius
Michael H. Cole ... Peter Curtis
Tommy Cresswell ... Joe Nabb
Dane Davenport ... Nick Burris
Julie Ivey ... Rachel Dixon
Katie Adkins ... Meghan
Chase Wainscott ... Aaron
Joe Crosson ... Parent
Joel Johnson ... Ross
Christopher Marrone ... Murphy
Frank Warlick ... Mr. B
Ethan Major ... Young Corey
Andy Velo ... Driscoll DE
Michael Albanese ... Defensive Lineman


Mysterious footage captured on an old video camera shows star quarterback Tyler McFarland that some of his teammates have been bullying Cory Walker, the new transfer student. Standing up for Cory may just cost him everything. Will he do the right thing?

Movie Review:

Great Movie for family viewing! Very Strong! Good Acting by both adults and teens, and children. Loved Faith Ford in this! She was fantastic... loving, caring, gentle, and kind, as a Mother and school principal.

I was totally impressed and pulled into the story of this small town school where the captain of the football team was the principal's son, Tyler, who just happened to be handsome and clean-cut, with this All American boy look. He's close to his best buddies, who also play football.

Tyler has it all - great family - Dad, Mom, and Little Sister, a blonde girlfriend, friends, good grades, great social jock status, etc... Then a new boy comes to school, whose name is Cory. He lives in the foster care system and doesn't have family, friends, or anything like that. But, he likes to read and play football. He's a strong kid, but the other boys on the football team (some of Tyler's best friends) begin to bully him around.

Tyler founds out and has the dilemma of whether to tell the truth and get his friends get kicked off the team or let it go and let the bullies win. He chooses to do the right thing, which doesn't make him popular with his teammates or girlfriend.

In the end, things eventually turn around and Tyler becomes friends again with his old buddies. Tyler doesn't change - they do.

It truly is an inspiring story with a lot of little stories mixed in to keep it lively and interesting - such as Tyler's little sister., who is also reading. I thought she was so adorable and refreshing. She was cute and sweet without being over the top mushy, like most young kids in made-for-tv movies.

The only thing I found to be annoying was the fact that this little girl had this old video camera that worked on and off and when she looked through the viewfinder she could see events or moments that had passed or moments to come. That was strange and really made absolutely no sense. the rest of the story was so good and interesting that I did my best to overlook that.

I loved that the story was mainly about a very close-knit family who loved and cared for one another. The Mother and Father seemed very close, loving, and supportive of one another and their children. The parents and children seemed close - the Mother always read to the daughter at night (even though she could read to herself) and at night they would say to each other, "I Love You More" - "No, I Love You More." And, the son would often talk to his parents and come to him with his decisions and problems. The brother and sister were close, as well. They would talk to one another on the way to school often, and he called her Moonbeam, affectionately. It was ver sweet, but never over-done.

I also liked that the story was about defeating bullys. The kid who was being bullied wasn't a wimp, at all - so it showed you that anyone can be a target. Even with so much to loose, it was great to see Tyler choose to do the right thing.

Good story! Great Message! Very strong! Highly recommend for family and classroom viewing!

See or Skip:

See, with your family or Teachers, please play this one for all your students!

Field of Vision - Available on DVD


1 comment:

  1. Good movie review. I also enjoyed this Family Movie. Great message about not being a bully.


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