Monday, May 2, 2011

Who is your favorite TV or Movie Mother?

I have created a Poll (on the right) that will run until the Monday after Mothers Day... so pick all your favorite TV/Movie Mothers and vote!

You can also leave a comment below, as well!

Who are my favorites?

Well, I am partial to Grandma (Ma) and Olivia (Momma) Walton, plus Caroline (Ma) Ingalls. They are such sweet caring Mothers- just like my Momma!

Have a Blessed Day, Everyone!

Images taken from The Waltons Reunion Movie:

Available on  dvd, here:

The Waltons Movie Collection (A Wedding on Walton's Mountain / Mother's Day / A Day for Thanks / A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion / Wedding / Easter)


  1. I also like Olivia Walton and Caroline Ingalls. And I like Annie Camden from 7th Heaven.

  2. I just voted! Go Olivia Walton!

  3. My Mother never wore pearls and heels around the house like June Cleaver, but she was just as great at being a Mother!

    Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there!

  4. I was going to vote for Ma Kettle but she wasn't even nominated! :( I liked her because she was real!!! :)

  5. so she wasn't a MOM, mom...But Autn Bea from the Andy Griffith show is the best ever!!!

  6. Right now I really love Frankie (Patrcia Heaton) on "The Middle". She tries really hard to do everything perfect, but often fails. She picks herself back up and does it again. I think that's true to life...Mom's are people too.


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