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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christmas Movie - Santa's Dog


Santa's Dog

Original Air Date: Christmas 2011

Airing : Not sure, yet, if this will be on TV, in Theaters, or Direct to DVD?


Shorty Rossi ... voice of Santa's Dog
Hercules (dog) ... Santa's Dog
Kathy Garver ... Sister Augustus


from th Santa's Dog web-site:

You have heard about Rudolph and Frosty and Jack Frost, but there is one special character whose story has never been told — until now. That character is Hercules. Santa bestowed upon him the title of “Naughty and Nice List Maker.” It is also Hercules’ duty to select one child each year on the Naughty List and give that child the opportunity to make the Nice List. But, the chosen child must prove they are worthy. This year, Hercules has chosen an orphan boy named Max Moogle.

Max Moogle, an adorable twelve year old boy with a knack for getting into mischief, is an orphan. He lives at the St. Joseph Orphanage and his dearest friend is the head of the orphanage, Sister Augustus. Max dreams of being part of a loving family. On the night of December 23rd, Max is returned to the orphanage by the latest family to attempt adopting him. The man yells out “Sorry it didn’t work out, Kid!”, as Max is dropped off on the steps of the orphanage and the man drives off in a hurry. Sister Augustus greets Max on the steps and hugs him. She is sorry that it didn’t work out and that they are having such a hard time placing him in a family. This is the fifth failure. She knows that somewhere the right family is out there, but they just need to see the “nice” side of Max and not the “naughty” side he shows to the world. Minutes later, alone on the front steps, Max hears a loud howl. Max follows the prints into the woods and is greeted by Hercules, a large talking dog.

Hercules leads Max on a magical sleigh ride to the North Pole and to Santa’s Workshop. Upon arrival, Max meets santa claus and is told what he needs to to do be moved from the Naughty list to the Nice list. Santa then sends Max and Hercules to San Francisco to help a bitter “down on his luck” man named RICK WILDER find the spirit of Christmas. In the human world, Hercules is invisible to everyone but Max, which leads to many hysterical encounters with innocent bystanders. Max decides that the first order of business is to help Rick secure the executive sales position he desperately wants at Jeffrey’s Toystore. Max and Hercules manage to do this but HELEN Dunn, a devious woman who also wants the same position, is comically ousted in the process. Helen vows revenge on Rick Wilder. Learning that Max is far from home, Rick phones Sister Augustus telling her that Max can stay with him until she can pick him up.

The normally tough-nosed Rick can’t help but to find a soft spot in his heart for Max and so does Sally, the executive assistant to Mr. Don Jeffrey, the CEO of a failing toy store where Rick has landed a job on a trial basis. Sally also forms a strong bond with Rick. But ELF Rondo, the evil leader of the naughty elves, has other plans in mind. Rondo needs to find a human filled with anti-Christmas spirit to retrieve Hercules’ magical collar and teleport him back to the far north. With possession of the magic collar, Rondo will be the one in charge of the Naughty and Nice Lists, and will have eternal life. Helen is the logical choice and she is summoned to capture Hercules and to remove the magical collar bestowed upon him by Santa. Without the collar, Hercules will lose all his magical powers and fade away.

Helen manages to carry out Rondo’s evil mission and Max is forced to say goodbye to Hercules. Through tears, Max explains to Rick that he must return to the North Pole in order to rescue Hercules. Using the contents of a shaved ice truck, Max summons Hercules’ magical sleigh. Rick hops aboard the magical sleigh and joins Max on a journey back to the North Pole.

Following a meeting with Santa and his elves, both Rick and Max are sent to rescue Hercules. But will they be in time?

The story is full of magic, heart, and funny antics. It takes a man who is down on his luck and has forgotten what Christmas is all about and, with Max and Hercules’ help, he becomes a believer again in Christmas, magic, Santa, and all the good in humanity.

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See the Santa's Dog Official Web-site for more details!


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  1. Already out on DVD: http://www.amazon.com/Santas-Dog-Anthony-Robinson/dp/B008UKWRR6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409955826&sr=8-1&keywords=santa%27s+dog


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