Monday, March 28, 2011

The Christmas Pageant - Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie


The Christmas Pageant

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 11, 2011


Melissa Gilbert ... Vera Parks
Robert Mailhouse ... Jack
Ed Herrmann ... ?
Lennon Wynn ... Jack's daughter


When Vera Parks (Gilbert), an overly intense and demanding Broadway
director gets fired from yet another job, leaving her no choice but to take a gig directing a small town Christmas pageant in upstate New York. Stunned at how basic the production is, Vera attempts to back out, but is convinced by some of the locals to give their town a chance. To her surprise, the warmth and charm of the small town grows on Vera and she even enjoys the experience of directing the pageant.
When Vera discovers her former fiancΓ© Jack (Mailhouse) recommended her for the job, she is outraged. But over time Vera appreciates the gesture, as she grows close to both Jack and his young daughter (Wynn). 
To her surprise, Vera learns a lot about herself and comes to enjoy the experience of directing the pageant. After rekindling an old flame and directing a fantastic production, Vera discovers life's unexpected turns can lead to wonderful new beginnings.

Will love stay in the wings this time around? Or is this Vera's eleven o'clock number after all?

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*The Christmas Pageant is available on DVD - see here!


  1. This looks like fun! Can't wait!

  2. I realize it's weird for a man to be into Christmas but I am nonetheless. I appreciate the Hallmark movies each Christmas. It's June and I'm still watching some that I recorded last December. With Melissa Gilbert this looks like fun!

  3. I realize it's unusual for a man to be interested in Christmas but I really appreciate the Hallmark Christmas movies. I am still watching some that I recorded last Dec. With Melissa Gilbert, this will be fun.

  4. Can you please give a detailed plot synopsis of these movies. Some honestly are about Christmas romances and others aren't worth the time. It would be great if we could know ahead of time if the movie is about the true meaning of Christmas or misses the point entirely by setting a plot that could be shown any time of year at Christmas time

  5. i know celebrities in our walk of life are like a thread holding the fabric of our entity. But why in this movie are there just a few of the cast identified? Did not the entire cast make the show a success? I'd like to put a name with the face. Share the light! Is it not the season of sharing and showing love? I do enjoy the Halmark moments!

  6. I concur it would be nice to know if they are about the true meaning of Christmas or romance at Christmas time, half the movies these days aren't even for families and if the romance were moved to columbus day I'd never waste my time with it

  7. how do I find the poem from the movie? it was so beautiful.


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