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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Masterpiece Theatre Productions from January to May 2011!

Post Below has been Updated/Editted:

This is just a quick overall view of what is coming this year on PBS Masterpiece Theatre....
(Please check your local PBS stations to be sure the times match!)

Masterpiece Classic: Downton AbbeyJAN 9 – 30 Downton Abbey, DVD
(Four 90-minute episodes; TV-PG)

A stately country house, a noble family, and a succession crisis caused by the sinking of the Titanic are the backdrop for this epic drama by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) about the lives of aristocrats and servants in the years before World War I. A runaway hit during its UK broadcast, Downton Abbey stars Hugh Bonneville, Dame Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, and other great actors in a production that brings a glittering bygone era to life.

Click Here for More Pictures and Details.

*THIS FILM IS NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY. Please see my MOVIE REVIEW page for More Details!


FEB 6 – The Unseen Alistair Cooke (Encore Presentation)
(One 60-minute episode; TV-PG)

Told in his own voice, never-before-seen home movies, and interviews with family and close
friends, The Unseen Alistair Cooke offers a rare look into the life of longtime
MASTERPIECE THEATRE host, Alistair Cooke—one of the most celebrated broadcasters of
the 20th century.


FEB 13 – 27 Any Human Heart, DVD
(Three 90-minute episodes; TV-14, S) (NOT for Young Viewers!)

William Boyd adapts his acclaimed 2002 novel about a man—at various times a writer, lover,
art dealer, and spy—making his often precarious way through the 20th century. Matthew
MacFadyen, Gillian Anderson, Hayley Atwell, Kim Cattrall, and Jim Broadbent star.

Click Here for More Pictures and Details.


The 39 Steps (2008)MAR 27 – The 39 Steps (Encore Presentation), DVD
(One 90-minute episode)

An adaptation of the popular John Buchan adventure novel, set on the eve of World War I. Filled with romance and humor, the 90-minute drama stars Rupert Penry-Jones (Persuasion) as mining engineer Richard Hannay caught up in a conspiracy following the death of a British spy found in his apartment.


APR 10 – 24 Upstairs Downstairs
(Three 60-minute episodes)
An enormous success worldwide, the original Upstairs Downstairs won seven Emmys during
its run on MASTERPIECE THEATRE in the mid-1970s—including Best Actress for Jean
Marsh, who reprises her role in the new three-part series as Rose, the parlor maid. Dame
Eileen Atkins, the co-creator of the original program, will also star. Screenwriter Heidi
Thomas (Cranford) is setting the new Upstairs Downstairs in the same house at 165 Eaton
Place in 1936, during the period leading up to World War II.

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MAY 1 – 15 South Riding
(Three 60-minute episodes)
Anna Maxwell Martin (Bleak House) and David Morrissey (Sense & Sensibility) lead the cast
in Andrew Davies‘s (Bleak House, Little Dorrit) three-part adaptation of Winifred Holtby’s
moving love story, which provides a panoramic portrait of a Yorkshire community in the

Click Here for More Pictures and Details.

Just from reading the descriptions, I think Upstairs Downstairs looks to be the most interesting. Are any of you, Masterpiece Theatre watchers?


  1. I love the old historical type Masterpiece Theatre films. Recently, Cranford was one of my favorites. I hope they do a third one in that series for next season. I remember Upstairs Downstairs from years ago... so, I am quite looking forward to this new rendition.

  2. I loved the new Emma movie- so it's my favorite! I so hope they play that one again. Sherlock is good, too! I like a good mystery.

    I'm already hooked on Downton Abbey- so I look forward to seeing the rest!

  3. I'm going to watch them all! Thank you for posting all the details!

  4. Thank you for the warning on Downton Abbey. How dissappointing. My daughter and I love period films like Emma, Anne, etc... so, I'll definitely skip this one.

  5. I was SO VERY DISAPPOINTED in Downton Abbey, I cut it off and didn't watch the rest of it. My Mom, said that she didn't finish watching it either. I hate it too, b/c it was so nicely done. I love love period films.

    Why do they have to ruin it by putting off colored things in the film like that. People would still watch it if it didn't have those kinds of scenes, but there are def. people the WON'T watch it when they do put them in. IT ISN'T NECESSARY.

  6. I've watched films on Masterpiece Theatre with my family for years and really enjoy their programs. I was very disappointed when we'd got an hour into the first episode and that "non-family-friendly" scene flashed on the scene. Too bad because it was an interesting story.
    I've already seen Upstairs Downstairs and it was by far the best but it too has a few scenes (or themes) that might not be appropriate for all ages. 39 Steps is very good too with some suspense.

  7. There are certainly some adult-themed material in "Downton Abbey," and believe me, I do not appreciate it... but everything else sparkles about this production. Acting, costumes, story, etc.

    Mara: the entire series is brilliant! Enjoy. Oh! And I just got "Sherlock" in the mail, today -- can't wait to see it!

    Everyone has to decide on their own, but some instances might be able to be "skipped" with a handy remote nearby. =)


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