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Monday, October 25, 2010

Smooch, A Hallmark Channel Original Movie for Valentine's Day 2011



Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 5, 2011


Kellie Martin ... Gwen
Simon Kassianides ... Percy/Flynn
Kiernan Shipka ... Zoe
Nicholas Ullett ... Wilkins Merriman II
Rodman Myers ... Sam Simon


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

Two-time SAG Award-winning actor Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper, "Mad Men") joins Emmy(R) nominee Kellie Martin ("Life Goes On") and Simon Kassianides ("Quantum of Solace") in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Smooch."

The movie is an updated loosely-based, live-action homage to the Brothers Grimm short story -- The Frog King -- in which a hapless Prince is turned into a frog by a witch's cruel charm. He must convince a Princess to take him home and treat him like a king. Reluctantly, she does, and on the third day, the Princess awakens to find that her kindness has transformed the frog into a handsome Prince, and the pair lives happily ever after.

In "Smooch," Shipka plays "Zoe," a young girl obsessed by fairytales and happy endings who is searching for the perfect man for her widowed mother Gwen (Martin). It is Zoe's belief in a frog's potential charm that compels her to abduct one from her middle school science class, carrying him to the San Francisco Bay in a water-filled lunchbox where she intends to set him free. Having skipped class, Zoe is surprised to see another schoolmate at the Wharf, and in her anxiety, accidentally drops her green friend overboard. As she surveys the scene, a male monarch (Kassianides) in full royal regalia emerges from a dinghy in which he fell after a wild night of partying. The dazed prince looks more like Humpty Dumpty, sporting a giant goose egg on his head, courtesy of his fall from the pier. Though the prince has little memory of who he is or how he got into such a predicament, he is in luck. Zoe knows precisely how this fairytale ends.


"Smooch" is produced by Beantown Ranch Entertainment in association with Silver Screen Pictures.

Hallmark Channel, owned and operated by Crown Media Holdings, Inc., is a 24-hour basic cable network.

Movie Review:

I must admit to you honestly...

I didn't expect to really like this movie - I thought it was going to be strange and entirely unrealistic. The commercial promo had me believing this - but instead, I thought it to be... delightful, adorable, and completely enjoyable!

The movie starts off with a Medieval Scene, where a knight saves a princess, only to be turned in to a frog by his evil nursemaid, who just happens to be green! Okay, this sounds strange, however, we soon learn that a litlle girl, Zoe, is only reading this story in a book and we've been in her imagination!

Zoe loves the stories of Flynn - the classic tale of a frog turned into a prince, from a simple kiss. Zoe's Mother, Gwen, is widowed and very busy running their family's restaurant. It is Zoe's wish that her Mother (Kellie Martin) can find love again.

At school, Zoe is supposed to dissect a frog, but she cannot bring herself to do it- so, instead, she ditches school to release the frog. This is where the adventure begins... she kisses the frog - it jumps away - and in her sweet childlike imagination she believes her frog has turned into a man she finds at the swamp.

Okay, this next part is not great for kids, but was rather funny... she ends up taking this man home with her - by wheeling him in a grocery cart. Who knows where she got a cart, near the swamp, or how in the world she got him in it - but she took him home and helped him get cleaned up. Then, she helped him interview for her Mother for her new Nanny. Of course, he gets the job! A little far-fetched I suppose... but the story was so cute and I just loved the actress, Kiernan Shipka, as Zoe... and I've always loved Kellie Martin... since Life Goes On, Christy, Movies of the Week, Mystery Woman, etc...

Of course, this man, Zoe calls Flynn, also has a story and life of his own. He is actually a Prince who was about to be married, but on the eve of the wedding, he went out and drank himself drunk and ended up at the swamp in the old boat - where Zoe find him - disgusting and dirty - and without any memory of his past.

Flynn opens up a whole new world of fun and excitement for Zoe and her Mother, who is learning to let go and enjoy life again, since losing her husband. Zoe, has trouble with girls at school and Flynn helps her with that and gives her advice on boys, too! There is also a very interesting older woman who lives in their apartment building... I loved the scenes with her - she was soooo funny!

It may not have been altogether serious or entirely realistic, but it was enjoyable... I laughed so hard and never knew what to expect in the next minute! It was a terrific family romantic comedy.

My only cautions would be: the quick scene of drinking near the beginning and the fact that this little girl brought this strange man home and let him stay in her closet for the night. I think most older children would realize this was only a fun, fictional story.

Will Gwen open up her heart and learn to love again? Will Zoe ever get the attention from a cute little boy at school, who she thinks destroyed her Valentine Card? Will Percy (who has gradually regained his memory) choose his Royal obligations as Prince or will he choose real love with Gwen?

I think you'll enjoy how it ends!

See or Skip:

See, cute and very funny!


  1. Can't wait to see it!!! I love Kiernan Shipka on Mad Men.

  2. Hi this movie will be very special look for a up and coming rising star Sari Rogers in her film debute as the beautful blonde that looks like Kelly Rippa in the formal dinner scene...and also a very dear friend:)

  3. "Icicles" by Janis Vaile, available on iTunes featured in "Smooch"

  4. Also starring Trevor J. Splat, the Australian Green Tree Frog.

  5. I caught a sneak peek of this film and it's wonderful!
    Kiernan Shipka is delightful and the film is beautifully shot.
    The actress who plays the Biology teacher- (I believe her name is Rio Scafone) was absolutely hysterical!

    Well worth watching!


  6. I loved the Movie but I really liked the theme song that played arond the end of the movie when they found out who the frog pince was. Song title sounded like "I Will Wait For You". If anyone know who sings this song that would be great!

  7. The song was "Icicles" by Janis Vaile.

  8. Hey! This movie was the best valintine movie ever! I hope that I get it for my birthday!

  9. I loved this movie and have watched it just about every time it has come on. Will be glad when it is available on DVD. Makes you want to believe in Fairy Tales as well!

  10. When will this be available on DVD? I thought Flynn was hot too! :)


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