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The Town Christmas Forgot - Hallmark Channel


The Town Christmas Forgot

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 25, 2010
Thanksgiving Day!

*This Movie is Available on DVD!


Lauren Holly ... Annie Benson
Rick Roberts ... Charles Benson
Torri Webster ... Trish Benson
Azer Greco ... Nolan Benson
Stephanie Belding ... Samantha "Sam"

Hallmark Crown Media Images

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The Town Christmas Forgot portrays a small mining town that's suffering after the mine has shut down. In the film, a Hallmark production, a family traveling for Christmas encounters a blizzard that forces them off course and into the run-down, forgotten Nowhere Town. This wealthy family is stranded in the town before Christmas and saves it from demise.

Just days before Christmas, Annie (Holly) and Charles (Roberts) Benson hit the road for a holiday ski trip with their two children, the materialistic Trish (Webster) and the quiet and introverted Nolan (Greco). Together, yet separate, each lives in a world of digital communication, satellite radio and cell phones. But when the family takes a short cut through back roads, contact with the outside world is lost, and when their SUV breaks down, they end up stuck in the rural burg of Nowhere.

The town is dying and Christmas is bleak for the locals who can only exchange inexpensive or homemade gifts. In spite of the town's depressed economy, Samantha "Sam" (Stephanie Belding, "Eureka"), the owner of the local cafe, lifts the town's spirits by organizing a Christmas Eve pageant, and enlists the Bensons' help. It is a chain reaction of enthusiasm as Annie lends her dancing skills, while Trish offers to help out with the rock band, and Nolan rounds up Santa Claus. With no outside distractions, the family learns that life "simply" is better. What began as a misfortunate event leaves an indelible lesson: being present in the lives of others is the best gift of the season. Now, holiday hope is everywhere.

Also Note: Lauren Holly's real life son, Azer Greco, plays her son Nolan in this movie!

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*This Movie is Available on DVD!



  1. One of the great movies that really is about what Christmas is all about, which is giving, not receiving.

  2. I loved this movie....simple and to the point, .....

  3. I just wish they'd make a "The town Christmas forgot" - Part 2!


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