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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Suite Life Movie - Disney Channel


The Suite Life on Deck: Anchors Away!The Suite Life Movie

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: March 25, 2011


Dylan Sprouse ... Zack Martin
Cole Sprouse ... Cody Martin
Brenda Song ... London Tipton
Debby Ryan ... Bailey Pickett
Phill Lewis ... Mr. Moseby
Matthew Timmons ... Woody Fink
John Ducey ... Dr. Spaulding
Katelyn Pacitto ... Nellie
Kara Pacitto ... Kellie
Matthew Glave ... Dr. Olsen


A Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) based on the pair of hit comedy series for the channel - "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "The Suite Life on Deck".

“The Suite Life Movie” was filmed in Vancouver, Canada and is about the characters going on spring break from school. The character Cody gets the opportunity to participate in a prestigious internship program, but when his twin brother Zack destroys billion-dollar scientific equipment, Cody gets kicked out of the program!

As the story goes, teenage twins Cody and Zack Martin receive an opportunity to participate in the prestigious Gemini Project at a high-tech research center that studies the dynamics between twins. Soon they find themselves connected in a way they've never been before: When one twin experiences a sensation, thought or feeling, the other twin feels it too. While this newfound power helps the boys see eye to eye for the first time, it ultimately puts them in more danger than they could have imagined.

Movie Review:


This movie had cute, humorous moments and very strange moments, as well!

Zack and Cody are fun, but not together - they seem to be arguing or disagreeing over something 99% of the movie. It would have been nice to have seen them get along better... especially as they are getting older and maturing.

Here's a short summary of it - Zack ruins Cody's chances of getting into a prestigious internship program when he destroys expensive equipment. Zack learns he can make it up to Cody by going to another place... a Research Center that studies twins, called The Gemini Project. His angle is really to get Cody to let him have their father's sport car.

From here on out - I believe the storyline is creepy and could really scare young children - especially those who are twins! There are lots of other twins at this research center and they all act pretty much the same - all the twins seem to have the same likes and dislikes as their twin does. They act very strange, like pod-people or Stepford Twins.

Soon, Zack and Cody learn that by eating a special fruit there - they are starting to have the same thoughts and feelings - emotionally and physically. (This could scare your children away from eating fruit, too!) Soon they realize this program, The Gemini Project, has brought them there to hook them up with macines and wires and merge their minds. They decide to make a run for it - and there is a really long scene of them running and trying to escape through an old saw mill with running saw blades coming out from the walls while they dive in and around and barely escape. The other twins in the project go after them chanting, "Get Zack and Cody"... over and over and over again... and again! It is extremely annoying and could be rather scary for young kids. I found it to be kind of creepy, myself.

Friends - Mr Moseby, Bailey, London & Woody... eventually show up in the end and try to help them, but it is too late - the mad scientist starts to do the merging process - but Zack and Cody fight it - by fighting with one another. Gee, that sounds like a great resolution to their problem - more fighting. They are strapped down with straps and wires and can not move, but ghost-like, almost transparent figures of their bodies go up into the air over them and they continue to argue - eventually exhausting and blowing up the machines when they do not merge with one another.

After that, Zack and Cody are free. They run to their friends and leave. All the twins are free now.

They return back to their school on the ship.

Spring Break is over....

See or Skip:

The Zack & Cody Disney TV Series is fairly cute, but I must suggest Skipping this Movie.


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