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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie - The November Christmas


The November Christmas

Hallmark Hall of Fame

Please Note: This inspiring movie is based upon a short story, written by Greg Coppa. I have had the privilege of reading this story, (as it was shared with me, by the author) and am truly looking forward to viewing the Hallmark Hall of Fame adaption.

Network: CBS

Original Air Date: November 28, 2010


Sam Elliott ... Jess

Karen Allen ... Claire, Jess’s wife

John Corbett ... Tom, Vanessa’s Dad

Sarah Paulson ... Beth, Vanessa’s Mom

Emily Alyn Lind ... Vanessa

Max Charles ... Gordon, Vanessa’s Brother

Unknown Actor ... Ted


from CBS Press Release:

In this drama, set in a small Rhode Island community, neighbors band together to create magical Halloween and Christmas moments - several weeks early - for a young girl named Vanessa, who is facing a serious illness.

Told entirely in flashback from the perspective of a vibrant Vanessa, at age 23, the drama begins in the summer of 1995 when the 8-year-old Vanessa (Emily Alyn Lind) has just returned from several weeks of tests and treatments at a Providence hospital. Though deeply concerned about Vanessa's serious prognosis, her father, Tom (John Corbett), is committed not only to her full recovery but also to keeping things as happy and normal as possible for her and his 4-year-old son, Gordon, and his wife, Beth (Sarah Paulson).

As newcomers to town, Tom and Beth choose to keep Vanessa's illness to themselves. As a result, Tom is initially perceived as an oddball by his farmer neighbor, Jess (Sam Elliott), after Tom shows up at Jess's vegetable stand hoping to purchase pumpkins and tag a Christmas tree. Jess cannot imagine why Tom would be crestfallen to learn that it's too soon for either activity. However, after subsequent interactions with Tom and the visibly weak Vanessa, Jess figures out what Tom is trying to do. Jess and his loving wife, Claire (Karen Allen), suffered their own loss years ago, so he is particularly empathetic - and motivated to help bring cheerful holiday moments to Vanessa as soon as possible.

Jess's mission to obtain pumpkins drives him to mend a broken relationship with his former best friend, Ted, whose nephew grows pumpkins south of New England. Soon Vanessa, Gordon and Tom are excitedly selecting from an array of pumpkins at Jess's stand, after which Vanessa's family enjoys a festive Halloween party - in August - thanks to more thoughtful contributions from Jess and the normally gruff Ted.

In subsequent weeks Vanessa must spend an extended period of time in Providence undergoing further treatments. When she's allowed to return home in November, Vanessa worries that she's scheduled to be back in the hospital in late December and will miss being home at Christmas. As Vanessa and her family drive home from the hospital, little does she -- or her parents -- know that Jess, Claire, Ted and other neighbors will welcome her home with a November Christmas she'll always remember.

Back in the present day at movie's end, we see how people's lives were impacted by the summer of 1995 - and how the "November Christmas" has never been forgotten by these two families and their friends.

NOVEMBER CHRISTMAS is a Hallmark Hall of Fame production. Brent Shields ("The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler") is the executive producer; Robert Harmon (The Jesse Stone movies) is the director. P'nenah Goldstein ("Loving Leah") wrote the script based on the short story of the same name by Greg Coppa.

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  1. This movie is being filmed right now in Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada. The whole toen is decorated for Xmas..and it's August! Crazy cool

  2. I forgot to record The November Christmas!! Will it come back on this year or where can I watch it????

  3. Fabulous Movie.
    Sam Elliott OMG, he's still gorgeous, and such a versitile actor.
    When can this movie be purchased?

  4. What is the name of the song that is played throughout the show? I remember John Corbett when he played in Northern Exposure. Loved that show.

  5. I recorded this and my DVR didn't get the conclusion. Can you please tell me what happened at the end-after they drove around town looking at the lights?....

  6. My daughter and I recorded "The November Christmas" to our DVD and it cut off for us also, just before the ending!!!###***/// Will it be aired again?

  7. In the end after thefamily drove around town looking at all the Christmas decorations the family drove up to their home to see many townspeople lined up waiting to greet them at their wonderfully-decorated home.

    When Vanessa went to sleep that night holding her little snow globe she awoke and ran outside to some "fresh snow". I don't know if the snow was real or just in her heart, but she said via narration from her now as a adult that all this love and care led to her getting better and better .

    We are then taken to present day where Vanessa is back reading to the children in the library and a little girl asks her if this was a true story about her- yes.

    She's then seen driving back to the tree-farm and the old farm house and stands there looking at the rows of trees at night - when they slowly light-up and her parent's, brother and the farmer/wife show up to greet her as it's her turn to tag her annual Christmas tree.

    Everyone hugs and the movie ends. Quite a nice story.

  8. You can view November Christmas online, VOD, at www.spiritclips.com

  9. During the movie when the families were riding through the tree farm at night on the wagon, there was a beautiful song in the background. I couldn't really understand the words, but does anyone know what the song was, and who the singer was? It was a wonderful, feel good movie. I loved it!


  10. great movie i really liked it so did my family.

  11. Great movie. Does anyone know how or where I can get the Soundtrack from? The orchestral music scores are awesome!! Usually can find Sountracks on line but I've seached all over for this one, with no luck. Please help :-)

    21 March 2012

  12. I would like to purchase that snowglobe from the movie "november christmas" any info. on where i can do this?

  13. Great to see that this movie will be on today.

    Good question about the snow globe. I wish there was a business/site that could do that for people.


  14. Hi can any one tell me if i can get this dvd on a region 2 format please

  15. Hi Can any one tell me if i can get this dvd on region 2 format please


  16. Rewatched this on DVD for the 1st time in a few years, it's still so amazing! -Maria


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