Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rock the House - Hallmark Channel Movie


Rock the House

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 18, 2011


Jack Coleman ... Max Peterson
Cassi Thomson ... Karen Peterson
Andy Milder ... Ronny
Clare Carey ... Jesse
Helen Slater ... Diane


from Hallmark Channel:

Jack Coleman ("Heroes") has been cast to star in "Rock the House," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie about a strained father-daughter relationship that is improved dramatically through the magic of rock n' roll when the dad begins to realize that making a living doesn't have to mean missing out on what really matters.

Dave Peterson (Coleman) is a successful and handsome career-driven attorney who barely spends time with his teenage daughter, Karen (Cassi Thomson, "Big Love"). Their routine regularly consists of Dave choosing work over spending time with her, and Karen retreating into her journal or iPod.

When Dave opens up his 25th high school reunion invitation to see photos of himself -- a person he no longer resembles -- he begins reconnecting with old friends, including members of his old high school band, The Groaners. Suddenly Dave begins to find ways to spend more time with Karen, and, for the first time, he puts his career on hold. But just days before Karen's prom, when the prom organizing committee finds out that they are without a band for the big night, Karen decides to ask her father to get The Groaners on stage. It may cost him his big promotion so Dave has to decide once and for all how he should be prioritizing his time.

Movie Review:

This is a cute Father-Daughter Movie. Karen's parents are divorced and she lives with her Mother during the week and with her work-obsessed Father on the weekends.

Karen has no friends at school or on Prom Committee, and she barely has a relationship with her Father... until she confronts him about his unkempt promises throughout her childhood - and him always saying he's sorry, but not changing. From then on, he tries very hard to be there for his daughter, all while he gets back into his old high school band and even gets Karen to sing along as they practice at the house one weekend! They both learn to let loose - just a little. It's sweet to see them become closer.

My only cautions with this movie: there is a bit of drinking - it was adults in social situations and the term "sucks" was used numerous times to refer to something they didn't like. For example, I think Karen asked her father to read her poetry and let her know, if he thought it sucked. Something to that effect. Other than that, it was a fine and decent movie.

Will Karen be asked to the the Prom? Will they find a band for prom, when the one they booked can't make it? Will Karen's Father finally choose her over his work.

Rest assured... It's a satisfying Hallmark ending!

See or Skip:

See, sweet Father Movie!


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