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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Love Lucy Marathon - May 2nd - on Hallmark Channel !!!

" L uuuu c y, You've got some explainin' to do !!! "

Another Marathon of  " I LOVE LUCY " takes over Hallmark Channel!

Why? You may ask... well, because the viewers, as usual, Love Lucy!!!

Updated: April 28, 2010:
The Marathon is on Sunday, May 2nd...  6 AM to 4 AM ... that's 22 HOURS!!!

06:00 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky and Fred think doing housework is much easier than earning money. Lucy and Ethel feel the opposite. So the boys try doing the housework while the girls attempt to hold down a job at a candy factory.

06:30 AM I Love Lucy - Lucy plots to join Ricky's band for a series of one-night engagements.

07:00 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky asks a neighbor, Grace Foster, to help him surprise Lucy with an anniversary present, but Lucy gets the wrong idea.

07:30 AM I Love Lucy - One of Lucy's practical jokes backfires when she and Ricky are caught in a pair of antique handcuffs.

08:00 AM I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel decide to write an operetta, and Lucy pays for the costumes and scenery with a post-dated check.

08:30 AM I Love Lucy - Bored with married life, Lucy and Ethel decide that a few days away from their husbands would be a welcome change.

09:00 AM I Love Lucy - The Ricardos buy the Mertzes a new TV set for their wedding anniversary.

09:30 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky decides to fool Lucy into thinking she's won a new home furnishings contest. But the joke backfires when Lucy sells all their furniture.

10:00 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky catches a cold and loses his voice during rehearsals for a new show, prompting Lucy to secretly stage the show herself.

10:30 AM I Love Lucy - Lucy waits for the "right" moment to tell Ricky the news that she's going to have a baby.

11:00 AM I Love Lucy - With the baby coming, Ricky decides that Lucy should stay in bed while he does the chores.

11:30 AM I Love Lucy - Even with motherhood fast approaching, Lucy still wants to be in Ricky's revue.

12:00 PM I Love Lucy - Lucy wants her baby to be raised in the "proper vocal environment," so she hires a tutor to teach Ricky proper English diction.

12:30 PM I Love Lucy - With all the attention that mother-to-be Lucy has been getting, father-to-be Ricky feels neglected.

01:00 PM I Love Lucy - No child should grow up without artistic influence, so Lucy takes up sculpting.

01:30 PM I Love Lucy - With the baby due at any moment, Ricky and the Mertzes carefully rehearse the trip to the hospital. But when the fateful moment actually comes, things don't go quite so smoothly.

02:00 PM I Love Lucy - When Lucy buys yet another new gadget, Ricky complains that she's got no sales resistance.

02:30 PM I Love Lucy - A handsome psychiatrist might be the cure for Lucy's inferiority complex.

03:00 PM I Love Lucy - It's Lucy versus Ethel for President of the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League.

03:30 PM I Love Lucy - The Mertzes won't accept Lucy's truthful explanation of how she got a black eye.

04:00 PM I Love Lucy - Whether it's getting dressed or ordering dinner at a restaurant, Lucy seems unable to finish anything without changing her mind.

04:30 PM I Love Lucy - The Ricardos' lease says no children allowed, and the squalling new baby doesn't help matter with the landlord.

05:00 PM I Love Lucy - Ricky hires a maid because Lucy keeps falling asleep during the day from staying up nights with the new baby.

05:30 PM I Love Lucy - Ricky is planning an Indian number for his nightclub act, and assumes that motherhood has ended Lucy's show business ambitions. No such luck.

06:00 PM I Love Lucy - Lucy tells everyone to forget all about her birthday, then gets upset when they take her at her word.

06:30 PM I Love Lucy - Lucy thinks they need a bigger apartment, but Ricky says they can't afford it.

07:00 PM I Love Lucy - Lucy tries to fix up her girlfriend with a batchelor friend of the Mertzes but ends up as an unwitting third party in a love triangle.

07:30 PM I Love Lucy - When Lucy buys a new sofa and coffee table without Ricky's permission, he says she'll have to pay for it out of her allowance.

08:00 PM I Love Lucy - Ricky plans to end Lucy's new togetherness kick by making her "rough it" with him on a camping trip. But Lucy and Ethel have a plan of their own.

08:30 PM I Love Lucy - Ricky and Fred never want to do anything but watch the fights on TV.

09:00 PM I Love Lucy - A beautiful friendship is almost ruined when the Ricardos sell their old washing machine to the Mertzes.

09:30 PM I Love Lucy - A magazine does a picture story on Ricky's life, but Lucy's not in it. Lucy decides to upstage Ricky during his "Lady in Spain" number at the club.

10:00 PM I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel buy a dress shop on a shoestring, but they wind up in the red.

10:30 PM I Love Lucy - The girls are going to appear on TV. Everybody's pleased, until both of them buy the same dress for the occasion.

11:00 PM I Love Lucy - Everything's fine at the Ricardos' and the Mertzes', until the girls demand "equal rights."

11:30 PM I Love Lucy - The Ricardos have decided they're not going to brag about their new baby.

12:00 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky bets Lucy that she can't go 24 hours without telling a fib.

12:30 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky's going to stage a French Revue at his club, and Lucy bets him $50 that she can get into the act no matter what he does to stop her.

01:00 AM I Love Lucy - The Ricardos help the Mertzes redecorate their apartment. They paint the walls and cover the furniture - in typical Ricardo fashion.

01:30 AM I Love Lucy - The police are looking for "Madame X," the mysterious cat burglar. The finger of suspicion points to Lucy.

02:00 AM I Love Lucy - Ricky and Fred infuriate the girls by wearing their oldest clothes in public. So Lucy and Ethel secretly sell their husbands' clothes to a second-hand clothes dealer.

02:30 AM I Love Lucy - A visit to the eye doctor leaves Lucy's vision hopelessly blurred for the rest of the day. But that doesn't stop her from auditioning a jitterbug number at the club.

03:00 AM I Love Lucy - Lucy wants to know about Ricky's old girlfriends, so he invents one named Carlotta Romero. Then a singer with that name shows up in town.

03:30 AM I Love Lucy - Lucy concocts a delicious salad dressing, and Fred tells her she ought to market it.

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