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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Wish List


The Wish List

Network: Hallmark Channel

Premiere Date: August 28, 2010


David Sutcliffe ... Fred Jones
Jennifer Esposito ... Sarah Fischer
Diane Venora ... Brenda
Richard Portnow ... Lenny
Tonya Kay ... Catherine
Mark Deklin ... Erik
Julie Brown ... Wedding Planner
Steve Monroe ... Stu
Katie Hein ... Rhiannon
Shalaina Fotheringham ... Bride
Alyssa Preston ... Gloria
Donovan Dustin ... Henry
Barry J. Ratcliffe ... Emcee
Marliss Amiea ... Marty
Don Danielson ... Groom
Amy Cale Peterson ... Waitress
James Ball ... Jamie
Scott Forrester ... Tennis Date
Shawn Nier ... Announcer


Jennifer Esposito ("Samantha Who") and David Sutcliffe ("Gilmore Girls," "Private Practice") star in "The Wish List," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, that has just begun production and will premiere on Hallmark Channel in 2010. The love story centers on a highly organized young woman who after too many failed relationships makes a wish list of all the criteria her future husband must have. Then, after finding the perfect man who meets all of her qualifications, she falls in love with a guy who meets none of them and realizes that life and love don't always work out according to a master plan.

Sarah Fischer (Esposito), a by-the-book, hard-working human relations executive at a publishing company, is fed up with her bad dates and decides to create one of her famous to-do lists: "Qualification for the Man I'll Marry No Exceptions." After a few more bad dates, she refines her list to include nice feet, no tattoos, has a job, no bad hair and no slogan t-shirts, to name a few. Enter Fred Jones (Sutcliffe), a barista at her favorite coffee place who has unruly hair and wears t-shirts, but who has a knack for reading his customers' personality and creating the perfect coffee drink for them. He also has a knack for getting inside Sarah's head.

At about the same time, Erik Cavalieri appears. He's a handsome doctor who loves animals, loves children, loves to cook, and has about ten other positive characteristics that make him Sarah's perfect match. The two start dating and things get serious. Erik asks Sarah to marry him. It should be a no brainer, but Fred, who challenges Sarah to figure out what she really wants in life, keeps pulling her heartstrings. Ultimately, Sarah decides to throw away her list and put her heart first.

Movie Review:

Okay, this one, first of all, is NOT a Family Movie. Generally, Hallmark Movies are good for family viewing... Not this one.

I thought it had a cute general plot idea. The movie starts with a little girl, Sarah, who is always making list and then we see her all grown up doing the very same thing - making lists. She is single, and decides the best way to fix this, is to make a list of all the qualities she wants and doesn't want in a guy!

The first guy she meets, Fred, works at the local coffee shop. I found it extremely annoying that he repeatedly would not give her the coffee that she would order. Bad business. This was so obnoxious! In her place, I would have walked out, bought my own coffee machine, and never come back!

But Sarah does... and she gives in and let's Fred give her the flavor of coffee he thinks she should order. Whatever!

The movie was all over the place and frankly wasn't very good. At one point, Sarah gets drunk at a bar and ends up on stage singing a drunk version of karaoke to "When the Saints go Marching in". As a Christian, I found this to be offensive.

Also, at a dance club, there is alot of drinking and suggestive dancing. Sarah's new guy friend, Erik, is usually pretty calm and laid back - but he lets loose on the dance floor. His way of dancing is almost Chippendale style, though he (thankfully) remains dressed. In contrast, Fred dances in a rather wacky, disco style. It all looked so silly - I couldn't help from laughing.

All in all, it was a romantic comedy. Does Sarah follow her heart or her list - that is the real question and I think you know the answer!

See or Skip:

I usually love Hallmark's movies, but I must suggest skipping this one.



  1. I have just seen this on TV. I thought it was perfectly ok. As a Christian, I wasn't offended by it and was pleased to hear Proverbs 3 vs 5 & 6 being accurately quoted.

    It won't rank as one of my all time favourites(!) but it was a good, feel good, unchallenging watch.

  2. I found this movie hilarious...but for different reasons... i came out of a very abusive relationship and decided that was it no more bf ever... long story short... i made a "wish list" gave it to God and it was detailed... actaully if i'm being honest i kinda hoped God wouldn't find this person so i was a deliberatly awkward.. i started with Asian over 6 foot.. who was born and raised in asia but english was his first language... it was a loooooong list... but then i went to a ministry school... first day there God show me this guy and my first reaction is no thank's God and thought maybe i'll just pretend i didn't hear that... i'm not gonna tell you the middle bit yet... it's very beutiful and the whole thing is like it was written for a movie...(much better than this one i might add)... and we are still together and planning on getting married and staying in asia... luna.storm@hotmail.com

  3. I agree that this movie was unrealistic. Sorry to say it, but this wasn't one of Hallmark's better movies. The egotistical, self absorbed barista is a little much. Though the karaoke scene doesn't offend me, I definitely would have HATED that date. Getting drunk, making a fool of myself singing drunk and horribly on stage, feeling like I was going to puke with my head spinning, forcing down a burger, and feeling generally sick the next morning--oh yeah, doesn't that scream romantic? No. Especially when compared to the candle light dinner by the lake Erik prepares for her. The barista was just a goober and way too full of himself plus it looks like he's hard to live with. His personality and the main character's clash horribly, Erik (since he is not "the one") is underdeveloped and flat, and the ending feels a little forced to be honest. Then, on one hand, while the barista followed this woman TO HER HOUSE (note, they'd only been on one date) to chew her out when he found out that she had been making a list of the perfect guy, Erik says "it's cute. It's totally you and that's why I love you." He loves her for who she is, but the barista makes it very clear that he must change her before he can love her. Very unrealistic. Poorly written. Sorry Hallmark. Bomb.

  4. Where else can I see this movie? I turned it on when it was almost over. I checked the Hallmark site and it isn't playing in September as it shows from their schedule. Anywhere else?

  5. @ above person: Um, I saw it yesterday on Hallmark channel. Don't know if it's coming on again today or not.

  6. I agree with the review and would skip this one. Sarah is likable enough but the barista is a obnoxious jerk. Why she would dump her nice doctor boyfriend for the obnoxious barista is beyond me.

    I record all movies on my DVR (love zooming through the commercials) and watch them later. If it is an A list movie I keep it, if not I delete it. The Wish List got deleted.

  7. OK movie, I like the idea of the movie but it could have been better. It's much like "Lucky 7". Which was adorable! I'm trying to find the song from this movie. The song playing when Sarah drops her list & Fred picks it up. Does anyone know this song???

    1. Hi, I'm trying to find the song as well. Have you had any luck? I type in the lyrics I hear and I keep getting other songs! This has got to be the most difficult song search I've had for a while.

    2. Has anybody found the song yet? The lyrics are haunting me

    3. Hi till today november 25th 2021 I am still looking for that song. Any one?

    4. No one knows who is the singer or what is the name of this song????

  8. I thought this was a really cute movie. I hope it's on TV again.

  9. I love this movie!! I don't agree with the reviews on here. I would love to buy it if it's ever for sale! It was a good movie to watch.

    1. I completely agree! This is a movie I could watch over and over again! Absolutely love it! Fred is soo attractive :)

  10. I wish I had read your review before watching this one. Wish I could have those two hours back. I thought this was probably one of the worst Hallmark movies I have seen in a while and I watch a lot of them. Annoying, is how I would describe it.

  11. I thought the movie was cute! Jennifer Esposito was sweet and lovely as Sarah Fischer. David Sutcliffe was fun, quirky and cute as Fred Jones. I like the way the movie puts it out there that it is possible to find love and happiness with a "regular" guy as opposed to the fantasy, perfect "Prince Charming" fellow most girls dream about. The dance off at Slinky's between Fred and Erik (and Sarah's reaction) was hysterical! I love Hallmark Movies! They are like live action versions of sweet romance novels. The Wish List was fun, entertaining and showed the possibility that love can grow from the most unexpected places.

  12. Love this movie. Want to know who performs the song"I'm Listening" when Sarah drops her list.

  13. The movie was kind of cute and there was a song that played immediately after Sarah said yes to Erik. What is the name of that song please?

  14. where can I find her list of qualifications?

  15. It was an unusually good movie for the Hallmark Channel. Sparkling and well-written.

  16. Love this movie!! Would also like to purchase if available on DVD. Also would like to find the song "I'm listening".

  17. This was freaking AWESOME!!!!! Honestly how anyone could not love it is beyond me!


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