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Monday, December 28, 2009

Backyard Wedding - Hallmark Channel Movie


Backyard Wedding

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 22, 2011


Alicia Witt ... Kim Tyler
Teddy Sears ... Evan Slauson
Frances Fisher ... Eleanor
Markie Post ... Aunt Addie
Harry Murphy ... Jack
Christie Lynn Smith ... Kayla Tyler
Amanda Tepe ... Amanda
Ryan Bittle ... Jeffrey Blake
Steve Tom ... Ben Blake
Stefan Marks ... Mr. Bradford
Megan Ashley ... 14-year-old Kim
Michele Specht ... Dori


from the Hallmark Channel:

One bride finds out that getting to the altar is a long journey—even when it’s in her own backyard!

Kim Tyler (Witt) grew up loving her next-door neighbor, Evan Slauson (Sears). Their fairy-tale romance and young elopement seemed like fate, until they realized they both wanted different things, and got a swift annulment. Now, four years later, Kim, a med school graduate, is getting remarried to responsible, stable businessman Jeffrey (Bittle), who is the complete opposite of reckless, adventurous Evan. Kim’s doting parents, Eleanor (Fisher) and Jack (Harry Murphy, “Charlie Wilson’s War”), are planning an extravagant wedding for their daughter in their backyard. Kim’s beloved Aunt Addie (Markie Post, “Night Court”) offers her support as Eleanor and Jack stop at nothing to give Kim the beautiful event they have always dreamed of, barring the feud they have with the Slausons, who still live next door.

But when Kim returns home to help in the final week of planning, she runs into Evan, who is coincidentally visiting his parents during the same week. As they bump into each other more and more, Kim sees how much they have both changed over the years, and starts to question her feelings. Then, on the night before the wedding, Jeffrey and Kim get into a huge fight, and Kim finds herself running to Evan for comfort. With time running out before her beautiful backyard wedding, Kim has to decide which groom she will meet at the altar, and whether a first love can ever be forgotten.

Movie Review:

This movie could have been sweet and family friendly, but within the first 5 minutes we see the bride-to-be, Kim, laying on a bed, with her fiance nearby working, and it is made all too clear that they are living together.

To me, that ruined the rest of the movie. How was I supposed to be excited about her discovering who her real love is - when she is already with her fiance?

Anyway, Kim, the bride-to-be, returns home because her dream is to have a Backyard Wedding at her childhood home where she grew up. Her father is arguing with their neighbor, who just happens to be the father of Kim's first love, Evan... oh, and by the way - they were already married, too - but they had it annulled.

Evan, just so happens, to return home, at this same time. He is working now with some project to keep water cleaner. Everything with the wedding plans, seems to keep going wrong, especially since the groom is to busy with work to even show up. Everytime Kim is upset, it seems like she turns around - and Evan is there. They meet one time at this bridge over this lovely stream of water and fountains and Evan tells Kim that it will be torn down. She is disappointed in this news and asks him if this is some sort of historical landmark. But it isn't, I guess. I thought for sure Evan would save the day and the fountains would be saved, but the subject is never mentioned again.

Also, throughout the movie, there is a lot of drinking. I imagined there might be a little wine drinking at the Wedding events, but there was a lot more than that. When Kim's brother returns home, I noticed he practically made a bee line, after coming through the door with his wife and new baby, to the fridge for a bottle, that looked very much like a beer. They also go drinking at a bar with friends. And, on the night before her wedding, Kim drinks herself drunk and doesn't even know what took place between her and Evan that night. (by the way, he was a gentleman.)


The ending is predictable, too. The fathers make up after years of not getting along. Evan and Kim finally realize and decide they were made for each other... and she finally gets her dream - a backyard wedding!

See or Skip:

Skip for family viewing. See, if you love romantic movies and the plot sounds interesting to you.



  1. I don't normally watch Hallmark movies, but just chanced on Backyard Wedding -- I loved it. It was the perfect make-you-feel-good chick-flick. The show kept my interest all the way through to see how it would actually be resolved, and I thought the acting was superb. Excellent casting. The parents were perfect in their supporting roles for their character parts. All 'round enjoyable and pleasant entertainment for a cold, snowy winter evening.

    1. For me this was truly a fantastic movie. Would love to have this movie . I have tried everywhere searching for it. I sure would love to find it on DVD. I simply fell in love with this movie!!

    2. I so fell in love with this movie. This movie was brilliant ! Wish they would put in on DVD,

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaTuesday, October 06, 2015

      I loved the movie too. It felt a bit more adult than the usual Hallmark romps, but I didn't mind it. I thought the acting was good and the story was entertaining. There were funny moments and tender moments. Alicia Witt brings a certain depth and humor to her roles that I like. She's a Hallmark actress with a bit of an edge.

      I, too, have wondered why this film has not made it to DVD, as it is several years old at this point (isn't it?). I even wondered if it had a different title when it was first made, and if maybe there could be a DVD under the different title (such as how the movie "Fir Crazy" was suddenly called "Oh, Christmas Tree" when it got to DVD)! I wonder if whoever produced this movie would know if it is available for DVD under a different name.

  2. I agree with Net Movie Blogger - there is way too much drinking in this movie for it to be a family film.

    Thank you for the honest review.

  3. A Disappointed ViewerTuesday, February 08, 2011

    What has happened to Hallmark? We loved the Valentine movie with Bette White, but the Backyard Wedding…..the couple is living together outside of marriage, the “H” word is used twice, and the phrase “verbal foreplay” was so offensive!!

    I never know what to watch anymore on that channel. We trusted Hallmark last year and enjoyed their movies, and all of sudden we have to be “ on guard” that we will see un-Christian behavior and hear un- Christian words in their movies.

    I just do not get it! Well, actually, I do totally get it. It is the way of this sinful world we live in.

  4. Blooper: Kim tries to hide on the floor of her car from Evan - when he gets to her convertible she tells him she's looking for her keys. But later, after the two of them spend time together shopping and eating ice-cream, her car doesn't start, and the camera shows her tring to start the car by pressing a button - not using a key. Unrealistic moment - Evan calls the woman behind the counter where Kim is buying gifts for the grooms, before he is finished showing and telling her what they want, the woman quickly turns away - while he is stilling talking. Neverthelest, I enjoyed the movie, recorded it and watches it over and over - especially scenes with Kim and Evan.

    1. Some cars have push button starting but you need your keyless remote to unlock the door. Also you want to carry your keys in case the remote's battery dies. So she probably was carrying keys, and definitely need to find them.

      I really liked the move. The feud between the dad's was hilarious.

  5. This is one film that is hilarious, in both good and bad ways... more like comedy-romance than romance tbh!

    Saw it over here in the UK in July 2010, it was hilariously bad at times in a so-bad-it's-good way, that said over here it's got cult classic status... surprising, eh?

  6. I thought this movie might make people who arΓ© considering marriage rethink the reason they fell in love and who they want to spend their life with. I recently remarried my exhusband who I was married too for twelve years. I know choices are hard, but this movie shows How easy it can be to marry the wrong one.

  7. Kim tells her brother that she's not going to the "Margarita Bar" - invitation from Evan, as her brother leaves - Kim's eyes are focused on his behind. Blooper!

  8. Does anyone know where I can the soundtrack or the movie song list?

  9. Does anyone know where I can find the soundtrack or the song list for this movie?

  10. This is an absolutely enjoyable romp dealing with the coming of the age of maturity and reason. The second time around can't very much better than this.

  11. This was a terrible movie. The most unlikable, stupid, and self-centered characters I've ever seen, with the exception of the fiancee who dodges a bullet when the bimbo main character backs out of the wedding. (I loved it when punched the ex-husband in the face...more of that was needed). This movie celebrates the frivolous nature of American culture (particularly young females) and plays upon the old gimmick of making it seem like a guy is bad because he has responsibilities and can't pay attention to a needy woman every second of his life. The main female character was a grown up spoiled brat and the ex-husband character was a sleazeball whose actions in this movie would have been perceived as creepy and unwanted if he were uglier. Thumbs down.

    1. There was no "ex-husband"...just an "ex-fiance." If you're going to totally trash an absolutely adorable move the least you can do is get your facts straight!

    2. He was the ex-husband. "Anyway, Kim, the bride-to-be, returns home because her dream is to have a Backyard Wedding at her childhood home where she grew up. Her father is arguing with their neighbor, who just happens to be the father of Kim's first love, Evan... oh, and by the way - they were already married, too - but they had it annulled."


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