Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mickey Rooney!

I just wanted to say... Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey Rooney! What joy you have brought to my family and millions of people through your portrayal of the beloved character Andy Hardy and many, many others!!!

We just adore every single Andy Hardy Movie. What precious stories there are of such a sweet family during such a wonderful time in our American History. I'm longing for the day when each of these 16 films are released on DVD! I love catching them, however, on TCM, and was delighted to watch one this morning - being played in honor of Mickey's Birthday. It was the one with the very lovely Donna Reed (Mary Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life)... "The Courtship of Andy Hardy"! Each one is so delightful and fun... due mostly in part to Mickey Rooney's energy, youth, and enthusiasm... he brings to the Hardy family.

Rooney has appeared in so many wonderful films and movies throughout his lifetime... starting at such a young age. From his work as a young boy in the "Mickey Series" to all of the wonderful Movies he did with the wonderful Judy Garland (Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz)... my, what treasured Masterpieces he has done! I marvel at all of his magnificent work!

I am also thrilled to know that Mickey Rooney is a Born Again Christian and a strong supporter of our Troops! God bless you for sharing your faith and showing your support for our Military! You are a true Hollywood Star!


Mickey keeps on giving us great entertainment, including two new dvd releases:

more Mickey Rooney Movies:

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