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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freshman Father - Hallmark Channel Movie


Freshman Father

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 5, 2010


Annie Potts ... Dorothy
Kim Zimmer
Drew Seeley ... John Patton
Britt Irvin ... Kathy Blair


from Hallmark Channel:

Inspired By A True Story...

One student is about to get a crash course in Parenting 101. When a college freshman discovers his girlfriend is pregnant, he must learn to juggle his homework and daddy duty or face losing his scholarship and his future in "Freshman Father," a story about a young man who is about to discover he has a lot more to worry about than just the 'freshman fifteen'.

Prom king and queen John Patton (Seeley) and Kathy Blair (Britt Irvin, "Hot Rod") are the perfect small-town couple. They have everything they've ever wanted - including John's full ride to Harvard University. But that all comes crashing down when Kathy gets pregnant the summer before their freshman year. Deciding to keep the baby, the couple gets married and moves to Cambridge, MA so John can pursue his dream and keep his scholarship at the Ivy League school.

However, John soon finds out that having a family while trying to ace math is harder than it seems, and he becomes overwhelmed. After failing calculus the first semester, John decides to take it again, against the advice of icy Dean Frost (Zimmer), who seems convinced that John is setting himself up for failure. Then, unhappy Kathy leaves Cambridge and her family behind after baby Adam is born. John loses his married student housing, and almost loses his mind, until he finds eccentric-but-motherly psychic, Dorothy (Potts), who has a room to rent and plenty of advice to offer. Dorothy believes John is a hero, but it is up to John to take care of his son alone, and prove to Dean Frost he belongs in the Harvard halls, or risk losing his scholarship and, worst of all, flunking fatherhood.

Movie Review:

Unfortunately, though I love Hallmark Movies, I cannot promote this one, Freshman Father. Please understand my reasoning. I was planning to share this movie on my blog, with a caution that it would not be for family viewing - since the storyline centered around a young unmarried couple expecting a child. However, that is not the reason why I chose not to promote this movie. Being Pro-Life, I commend the couple in this story and real-life couples like them, for Not having an abortion, and for giving this child life!

My reasoning for not promoting this movie is this... the young man, the father of the baby boy, John Patton (played by Drew Seeley) ends up raising him on his own while making his way through college. That all sounds very nice until you learn to whom he seeks out help and where he and his son go to live, with a Psychic. In the movie description, it states that Annie Potts (Designing Women's Mary Jo) portrays an eccentric-but-motherly psychic named Dorothy. As a Christian, I do not believe in, nor will I promote watching anything with this subject content.

For a movie, with the same Pro-life message, I suggest Bella or the Lifetime TV Movie, A Dad for Christmas.

See or Skip:

Unfortunately, I cannot promote this one.



  1. I loved this movie. As for the Annie Potts character......she was great. She wasn't some crazy witchy woman. She was a caring (little eccentric) mother figure that John (and Adam) needed. God sends up people that we need when we need them no matter what the form.

    1. Agree! For every finger you point at someone in judgement, your have three more pointing back at you... Don't judge what God sends. Sometimes the dirtiest people on the street are angels in disguise. This movie is great and true. Something very similar happened to me except I didn't trust God to help me. Grade on this movie--A+

  2. This movie touches my heart very much. It tells us how a single dad remarkably going through many obstacles in his life. Plus, the strict management in the Univ.finally exercised their discetion and tolerance by giving second chance and other facilities to the single dad.

  3. I agree with the others who have commented. I am a Christian and I would recommend this movie. Even Jesus spoke to a Samaritan women at the well. God has given me helpers in one form or another and I am not going to say,no thanks God. My friend was an unbeliever but God gave me favor and he let me stay when I had nowhere else to go. In turn, I helped him too in his time of need, and learned the biggest lessons of my life. That with these hands I can do so much with very little when I submit and obey God's plan. Turns out his mother prayed before I ever came to have someone come to help her son. God's plan saved not only mine but breathed life in to many more.

  4. I bet a lot of women had to go through what John did with his son and going to college. This should be an inspiration to a lot of people (Especially Women), who have baby sons while going to college.


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