Friday, October 27, 2017

Second Chance Christmas - airing this Holiday Season on UP!


Movie: Second Chance Christmas

Also Previously Known As: Love Strikes Twice and Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Network: UP

Original Air Date: November 5, 2017


Tilky Jones ... Jack
Katrina Begin ... Caroline
Charlene Tilton ... Actress
Steven Ted Beckler ... Bill
Alexandria Collins ... Terry
Vanessa Kai ... Dr. Levitt
Ryan Munzert ... Joey
Hope Blackstock ... Nurse
Sawandi Wilson ... Mac
Joshua Montague ... Bartender
Sonia Conlin ... Diner patron
Allen Wall ... Yuppie at the bar
James Carr Holloway ... Tall bartender
Philip Schaefer ... Father John
Mike Sutton ... Obnoxious drunk at bar
Richie Sposato ... Bar patron
Matthew Rushford ... Background Dancer


Storyline via UP: When an accident causes a woman to lose her memory, her husband Jack does everything in his power to keep her from remembering that they are total opposites and that their marriage is doomed. Now Jack is hoping for a second chance, and a little Christmas magic, to help rekindle their relationship and fall in love all over again.

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*images via: UP
*screen grabs via: "Second Chance Christmas" trailer


  1. This movie sounds good! I’m excited to watch it. Thank you Net for all you do for us!! I check your website daily, all year long.

  2. I need to know what song is played at the end of this movie I absolutely love it

    1. The song is "Forever Yours" by Bret Domrose.

  3. Agree with "Unknown"--what is the theme song and who sings it? Near as I can tell, the lyrics are:
    [Can't make out first line.]
    Never be afraid of the storm when your near
    Every time a christmas angel lands upon the tree,
    I think of you -- the greatest gift to me.
    Then(?) I'm(?) yours I see. Winter church bells ring.
    My favorite(?) time of year, I can't believe it's here.
    The sights the sounds, the songs and you with me.

    1. Knowing the name of the song, I think the main chorus line is: "Forever yours I sing. Winter church bells ring."

  4. IsScotty The Dog In The Movie An Alaska Klee Kia?

  5. PLEASE somebody tell me the name of the song in this movie that goes like "light a fire so you'll stay warm, but why do i feel so alone, im in love" it's driving me insane


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