Thursday, August 24, 2017

A "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Challenge - SEARCH FOR THE MISSING LETTERS!!! #POstables

As POstables (fans of the Hallmark series "Signed, Sealed, Delivered") are counting down the days until the next "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" movie airs on Hallmark's Mystery Network - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, I thought it would be fun and challenging if we embarked on our own Mystery "Letter" Search, with a *"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Word Search Challenge*!

This search for "Letters" (a play on words! get it?) includes all sorts of words and phrases that relate to the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" movies, of course. (These letters are obviously letters of the alphabet, and not the kind we mail, but even still... I hope it's a fun way to have our own mystery search!)

images via: Hallmark Crown Media

Today (August 24) marks one month until the premiere of the next new "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" movie - "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again" on September 24, 2017, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! There are 30 words (numerous letters) to find in the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Word Search below - before the next premiere! I hope you enjoy the hunt and pursuit of discovering each word, name, or common phrase from the on-going "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Hallmark series!

My wish is... all of you POstables find this Word / Letter Search to be, well... (hopefully) "sheerly awesome!" (a favorite quote from SSD!)

(*By the way, Hallmark has hinted... they will deliver a commercial preview for "Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again" during the last premiere of "Garage Sale Mystery: A Case for Murder" - on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this Sunday night, August 27th!)

Hope you all enjoy
this "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" L-E-T-T-E-R Search!

God's Blessings to you all, Net

If you are interested in the complete chronological order of the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" movie series, be sure to check out my post - HERE!


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  1. I love word searches (and crosswords - loved your Christmas in July one). Thanks so much for a fun way to tide us over until the next installment is "delivered".

    Blessings, Julie

    1. Oh, thank you for sharing that, Julie! I'm so glad to hear how much you enjoyed the crossword puzzles during Christmas in July and how much you love word searches, too! That's wonderful! Hope you have fun finding all the "LETTERS"!!! (by the way, they are every which way - across, vertical, diagonal, backwards, etc...) :)

      Blessings to you, too... Net

  2. Can I share this on Facebook?

    1. Absolutely! You can easily click the Facebook tab/button on the right side of the screen and that will easily share this post. (it may not be available on all devices)

      If you still would like to share- please save and share the first image above and NOT the actual word search.

      Then, share this link:

      All your POstable friends then can visit here and click on the enlarged word search (above) in this post to print and play!

      Thank you for sharing!!! Blessings, Net

  3. Oh, Net, you always come up with so many fun things to do!! I love your imagination and I love that this is about SSD, my favorite!!

    1. Thank you, Linda! (whispering... It's still my all-time favorite, too!)

      Enjoy the search!!! Blessings on your day, Net :)

  4. I love word searches. It was fun. I also love SSD.

    1. Thank you, Estra! I'm so glad to hear how much you enjoyed this Word Search + SSD! Blessings to You!!! So appreciate you sharing!!! :)

  5. loved it got all but Rita can not seem to see it just ended watching Impossible Dream connected to the posetables SSD for the 5th time still cry in the end

    1. Oh, Rita is there, but you are right - she can be kind of tricky to see! Especially... when you have lots of other things circled!

      Would you like a hint? If so.... her name is diagonal, (somewhat) middle right. Hope that helps!!!

      Thank you for saying how much you loved doing the search! I'm also so glad to hear how much you enjoy Signed, Sealed, Delivered, too!

      Many blessings to you!!! :)

    2. loved it wishing for more. anything that has ssd in it makes a person want more from them.


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