Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Join Actress Jill Wagner on her Next Adventure!!!

If you love actress Jill Wagner in the Hallmark movie 'Autumn Dreams' and the INSP movie  'Christmas in the Smokies', plus the recent Hallmark Christmas movie, 'Christmas Cookies,' then you will also enjoy watching Jill as host of the INSP weekly series 'Handcrafted America!'

via INSP... "Host Jill Wagner, is on the road again, traveling the country with new destinations—on backroads to freeways, urban centers to rural hideaways, from Hawaii to New Hampshire—seeking out a new group of artisans dedicated to crafting fine products the traditional way… with their own two hands."

INSP is the place to be with "Destination Fridays"! First up, you are in for a delicious treat with a new episode of 'State Plate,' hosted by Taylor Hicks at 9pm/8c., followed by an all new 'Handcrafted America,' with Jill Wagner!

See an encore airing of Jill Wagner in the Hallmark movie 'Christmas Cookies,' Thursday November 17th, at 8pm/7c. - following the Home & Family Holiday Special at 6pm/5c. on the Hallmark Channel! (by the way, I thought 'Christmas Cookies' was a very "sweet" Hallmark movie! Perfectly, deliciously, family-friendly! Visit my Christmas Cookies page for movie details, storyline, pictures, and well, - you know the drill!)

Then, be sure to watch Jill Wagner in 'Handcrafted America,' on INSP with all-new episodes Fridays at 9:30pm/8:30c.! Jill always gets right in there and learns whatever trade the artisans do. Although she may be a novice at their skill, Jill is never afraid to try something new or get her hands dirty!

*UPDATE: You will also be able to see Jill Wagner on INSP in 'Christmas in the Smokies,' which will air four times during the Christmas Season!

See 'Christmas in the Smokies' November 27th at 8pm, December 18th at 10pm, December 24th at 7pm, and December 25th 6pm on INSP!


  1. The crafting show sounds like my thing but I hope they have a time that's not Friday at 10 somewhere!

    1. Yeah, the new one premieres at 9:30pm. The only other time is even later at 12:30am. Hopefully, you can record it, Jeanie. It's really a great show!

  2. I know A Very Merry Mix-up isn't the movie being highlighted here, but I didn't know where else to post this question. Does anyone know what song is playing when Matt and Alice are in the kitchen baking cookies?

    1. That is such an adorable movie, Kelly. I will have to take a second look at that scene and listen to the music. Stay tuned here - someone is bound to know it! :)

  3. Jill Wagner is always so fun to watch! Her personality kind of reminds me of Ashley Williams. Now, wouldn't they be fun in a movie together?

    1. Oh, yes, they would! You are so right, Jill is such a fun, happy person on screen. She is a joy to watch! :)

  4. Love Jill Wagner in all her movies, Net! She seems like a genuine person. I only caught the end of Christmas in the Smokies last year, so I'm so glad you added those air dates. I am adding it to my "Must watch Christmas movie list" which is getting longer and longer every day! No complaints here, though! Thank you!

    1. Yes, you will love it, Lauren! My only wish - is that Jill's part was a little bigger in the movie. But, whatever scenes she is in - she is great! She plays best friend to the lead, Sarah Lancaster (Fir Crazy, Tis the Season for Love).

      Enjoy ALL the Christmas Movie watching!!! :)

  5. Christmas Cookies has been, in my opinion, the best so far for the Hallmark Channel, anyway. Jill & Wes are a great match -- it's one I'll be sure to watch over & over & over again!

    1. Yeah, I really liked 'Christmas Cookies,' too, Anon! It is something really special, sweet, and very Hallmark! Glad you also liked it! Thank you bunches for sharing!

  6. Replies
    1. If you have satellite or cable, then most likely you have INSP. I'm not sure who your cable provider is, however, so these are all the channel numbers Wikipedia provides for INSP...

      Channel 364 (SD only)

      Dish Network:
      Channel 259 (SD only)


      Wave Broadband 21

      Time Warner Cable 71, 461

      AT&T U-Verse Channel 564

      Verizon FiOS Channel 286 (SD only)

      If those don't work for you, then try...
      INSP's Channel finder HERE!

      Hope this helps! :)
      Blessings!!! Net

  7. My husband and I love "Handcrafted America." Jill does a wonderful job as the host.
    Also, thanks for letting us know the airing date of "Christmas in the Smokies." We will enjoy watching it, again.


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