Tuesday, November 15, 2016

'A Husband for Christmas' - an ION Christmas Movie


Movie: A Husband for Christmas

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 11, 2016


Vivica A. Fox ... Brooke
Dominique Swain ...
Eric Roberts ...
Ricco Ross ... Roger Burke
Jackée Harry ... Erin
Jason-Shane Scott ... Agent Nathan Hedge
Jessica Morris ... Agent Marie Adams
Hilary Shepard ... Natasha Tate
Helene Udy ... Gwen
Ciarra Carter ... Tracy
Reatha Grey ... Ava Harris
Michael Bergin ... David
David McKnight ... Wade Harris
Johnny Whitaker ... Santa
Darya Gemmel ... Clerk
Galyn Görg ... Rebecca
Brandon Collins ... Ryan
Margarita Reyes ... Florence
Robert Brian Wilson ... Kyle
Laurene Landon ... Jennifer
Kate Bertisch ... Kate
Shannon Bassoe ... Michael
Alex Valley ... Dennis
Freedom ... Nick
Neil Resnick ... Waiter
Oscar D Reducindo ... Airport Security Agent


via ION: Brooke and Roger, two graphic designers in a soon-to-be-merged company, help one another by agreeing to a loveless marriage of convenience, suggested by their new boss. In the process, Brooke gets to upstage the sister who just announced her engagement to Brooke's ex-boyfriend during the holidays. But, with their “marriage” in question, will Brooke and Roger find a spark they didn’t know existed?

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  1. Nice to see Vivica leading her own holiday film.

    1. I agree! She is very talented and doesn't seem to play the lead often enough. This looks like a good movie...excited to watch!

    2. You are right. She is good in this movie. Dec. 18 is going to be even better

    3. The plot was great and to the point

    4. Told all of my family about this movie and I like that you used new actors waiting on Dec 18 to view it again. Thanks

  2. Can't wait to see this one! I love the trailer.

  3. Wow wonderful movie to view
    Waiting to see it this Sunday and have my friends over just for this movie. Looking forward to it. We are waiting on Dec. 18. Vivica is good.and the cast

  4. I really enjoyed this movie. It is my favorite Christmas movie this year. I liked the twists in the plots. The cast was great. Jacked had her cameo. Vivica and Ricco had great chemistry. He was sweet and funny. I liked her dad too. Great movie. Hope to see it again on Sat

  5. Great movie. I really enjoyed it. Fav Christmas movie now

  6. I work all the time Everytime I try to catch it I always catch it at the end will it ever come on again great movie

    1. You can watch it free on Youtube. :)

  7. Thank all of you for the kind words, Roger (AKA Ricco Ross)

  8. The suposed Bolton accents were hilarious!


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