Monday, February 15, 2016

Actress JILL WAGNER to Host NEW INSP TV Series "Handcrafted America"!

"Handcrafted America" image courtesy: INSP

I was recently given the opportunity (Thank you Melissa at INSP!) to preview the very first episode of the All New INSP television series “Handcrafted America”, hosted by the energetic, bubbly actress Jill Wagner. All of you movie fans will recognize Jill from INSP’s Christmas in the Smokies and Hallmark Channel’s "Autumn Dreams".

As host, Jill Wagner passionately takes you on three separate journeys during each episode, visiting creative individuals who craft products by hand, we might all use in our life every day.

Jill Wagner image courtesy: Christmas in the Smokies

From the beginning of time, if a person wanted something, they had to work hard to either buy it or make it. Nothing was easily and often today cheaply mass-produced in factories as products are now available from your local store.

The craftsman featured in “Handcrafted America” will show you from design to conception how an individual quality product comes into being. The first episode will premiere on INSP, March 1st, 2016 at 8pm/7c. In this half hour, you will see the incredible detailed inner workings of a clock completely made by hand, the family history behind the creation of a chair which does not use any nails or glue, and a woman blacksmith who creates objects from wrought iron and steel.

Video Clip of "Handcrafted America":

It's a fascinating adventure to follow Jill Wagner and watch these individuals create something into being from pieces of scrap metal, wood, paper, etc... From their hands they can design useful products like our forefathers did. Depending on each object, the time to create these items typically takes longer than your average factory generated product, but the lasting quality is often much higher.

While “Handcrafted America” visits craftsman who create these designs today from a dream into being… it’s also a piece of our American history that we should all remember and treasure.

Mark your Calendars...
for the Premiere of “Handcrafted America”,
hosted by Jill Wagner on INSP,
Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 8pm/7c.


  1. I hope this series takes off for INSP and inspires many of our youth to acquire a trade so we can, once again, proudly display, "Made In The U.S.A."!!

  2. This looks fascinating! Thank you for letting us know about it.

  3. Love Jill in Autumn Dreams and she's an absolute scene stealer in Christmas in the Smokies! This should be good, too!

  4. With 29 Christmas movies coming this year you'd think Hallmark could find a way to get Wagner in one of her own. She is perfect for these movies.

  5. Does anyone know the channel # for INSP?

    1. Yes! Although, I'm not sure who your cable provider is, so these are all the channel numbers Wikipedia provides for INSP...

      Channel 364 (SD only)

      Dish Network:
      Channel 259 (SD only)


      Wave Broadband 21

      Time Warner Cable 71, 461

      AT&T U-Verse Channel 564

      Verizon FiOS Channel 286 (SD only)

      If those don't work for you, then try...
      INSP's Channel finder HERE!

      Hope this helps! :)
      Blessings!!! Net


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