Monday, October 5, 2015

UP Christmas Movie "A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale"


Movie: A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale

Network: UP

Original Air Date: November 14, 2015

images via: Marvista


Lexi Giovagnoli
Dina Meyer
Patrick Muldoon
Jonathan Bennett



via Marvista:

Luce needs a reality check on what’s important, and Dean helps her discover it through endeavors to save a dog park from her land-developing neighbor.


Luce Lockhart loves Christmas, but she finds herself in a predicament when she maxes out her credit card. Desperately wanting a ruby necklace, Luce has no choice but to accept a dog walking job for the Brandts. Reluctantly agreeing to walk Hank, Luce finds a nearby dog park where she meets some of the dog owners, including exasperating dog walker Dean Silver. Soon after, she learns that the Brandts have plans to create a spa on the dog park land. When Dean finds out about these plans, he and Luce are at odds on Dean’s agenda to stop the development. But as Luce spends more time with Hank and Dean, she starts to see the park in a different light. Stuck in a bad spot of having to choose between the Brandts or Dean, Luce will have to decide if she’ll be able to save the dog park by Christmas.

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  1. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, October 05, 2015

    It's interesting that Dina Meyer and Patrick Muldoon are teamed up in a Christmas movie again. I think it was last year that Patrick and Dina were in "Christmas in Palm Springs" together, which was actually not bad.

    And, by the way, Patrick Muldoon is becoming the king of Christmas movies in general, though he hasn't made a movie for Hallmark in many years, from what I can recall -- has he? Every year I see him in a new Christmas movie, as well as ones from previous years that I didn't know he was in.

    I think that Patrick is stealing the Christmas movie crown away from Dean Cain, though Dean Cain does not shy away from the Christmas movies either!

    1. Agreed, Patrick is great and seems to be doing a lot of Christmas movies! This is a wonderful story! Really enjoyed it!

  2. Sherry, my favorite movie with Patrick was "A Boyfriend For Christmas". He was adorable!!

  3. Lexi is not a good actress and neither is her brother.. I'm wondering why UP keeps distributing these boring movies from her families production company.

    1. There is always going to be haters! LOL! Sounds like a personal problem!

    2. Her family does not own Mar Vista Entertainment!

  4. It really is a delightful Christmas tail!😃

  5. I agree it is delightful!

  6. I usually do not comment, but feel compelled due to previous negative comments. Really enjoyed the film and I personally liked all the actors! Fun to watch Jonathan and Lexi Interact! I thought they were all good! I realize there are always very negative people out there, which is just sad! Need more Christmas spirit in general in the world as well as more love and kindness! I loved the dog as well! And really loved the message of giving of yourself to help our furry friends!

  7. You'll love this!

  8. Looks Beardie to me. Beardies usually have tails though.

  9. Hank (Henry) is an old English sheepdog.

  10. I really enjoyed this movie!!!!

  11. I hope there is a sequel!!

  12. Will there be a sequel???
    Cause I hope so!


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