Monday, October 5, 2015

UP Christmas Movie "Beverly Hills Christmas"


Movie: Beverly Hills Christmas

Network: UP

Original Air Date: December 6, 2015


Donna Spangler ... Angelina
Vincent De Paul ... James Bennett Foxworth
Kirsten Lea ... Carol Bennett Foxworth
Simona Fusco ... Yvonne
Ravin Spangler ... Ravin Bennett Foxworth
Dean Cain ... Archangel Gabriel
John Savage ... Mr. Winters
Bill Zucker ... Mr. Norton
Blanca Blanco ... Delia
Brandon Tyler Russell ... Jerry
Jay Jay Warren ... George
Shanna Olson ... The White Angel
Andy Cohen ... Tom
Laurie Love ... Mary
Clayton Cannon ... Peterson
Charli Barcena ... Lois
Sarah Phillips ... Lindsey Wright
Aaron Lee ... Detective Hansen
Seth Menachem ... Mr. Tony Wright
Myron McClure ... Doctor Richard
Jason D. Avalos ... Giorgio
Jamie McRae ... Megan
Sue Wong ... Sue
Mara Rydell ... Lucille
Drew Falcone ... Bryce
Brittan Taylor ... Hannah
Thomas Beaumont ... Deacon Scott
Jordyn Taylor ... Betty
Madeleine Bierman ... Sally
David Hurtado ... Dr. Jason Anders

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With help from a guardian angel, a spoiled rich, very material teenage girl learns that true value is found in assisting others and not in material things.

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  1. I think this is one my 13 year old daughter would like to watch with me. We have to wait for it to be on Netflix though since we don't have cable or satellite tv anymore. We saw another Christmas movie with Dean Cain that we liked. The title of it escapes me though.

    1. Dean Cain has done a number of Christmas movies - most family friendly! Could it have been "A Case for Christmas" or "The Three Gifts"? In the first movie he defends Santa Claus and in the second, he & his wife adopt three boys. Both are sweet movies.

  2. Dean Cain has made so many truly terrible Christmas movies in the last 2-3 years, after a run of quite good ones, I'm reluctant to even give anything with him in it a shot.

    1. Well, Dean Cain will be an angel in this movie - so it definitely sounds different from previous roles! :)

  3. You list the director and cinematographer as Cast Members. You also mention Eric Roberts & Daniel Baldwin, who are not in the film. Yet failed to mention the two young stars of the film, Ravin Spangler & Brandon Tyler Russell.

    1. Thank you, Desiree, for bringing the casting error above to my attention. It has been updated to reflect all changes that you mentioned + additional cast members.

  4. I've seen it, it's good.

  5. This one looks very cute! I need to set my DVR for this one. Looking forward to seeing Dean Cain in it. He has done some fun movies like this that were fun to watch. That little dog in the poster is SO cute!

  6. I have a very important role in this movie as John Savages best friend (both Homeless) and you forgot to list me in the cast...I have IMDB credit s a supporting role..LOL...please revise
    Bill Zucker.....role:Mr Norton

  7. I love the UP channel, but WHAT...IN.....THE....WORLD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am pretty sure this movie was made by middle schoolers started by a 6th grade class of 1987, and just finished production by the 6th grade class of 2045. And Dean Cain's glasses were passed on by each class....

    Acting....Um....Yep....nope not even close. Painful. I have no words......

    1. Well said. Painful to watch.

    2. I had to watch some video clips from this movie on UP Network's website just so I could get an idea of how good or bad the acting was. For being the lead actress, I can honestly say that Ravin Spangler's acting abilities were not the strongest. I feel that with enough acting practice and experience, Ravin has the potential to be a good actress. But as of right now, I don't think this movie was her best work.


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