Monday, September 28, 2015

"My One Christmas Wish" an UP Original Christmas Movie


Movie: My One Christmas Wish

Network: UP

Original Air Date: November 29, 2015


Amber Riley ... Jackie Turner
Ali Skovbye
Matreya Fedor
Jarod Joseph
Priscilla Faia
Ken Tremblett


Jackie Turner is a straight-A college student, who was abused, abandoned and starved as a child. Although she has resolutely turned her life around, the holidays are still very painful for her. Facing another lonely holiday break on campus, Jackie takes an ad on Craigslist for My ONE CHRISTMAS Wish - a family for Christmas - and even offers to pay $8 an hour. To her surprise, responses flood in. Among the numerous heartfelt invitations and letters of support, she also hears from other young people struggling with the same overwhelming emptiness that comes with spending the holidays without loved ones. Moved and inspired, Jackie decides to throw a big Christmas party - with the last-minute help of her adviser, friends and support group - to find families for all those troubled folks who emailed her, and finds one for herself as well.

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  1. What a lovey storyline, Net, how we forget those who are alone over the Holidays...I look forward to watching this one.....

    1. I agree, Linda, it does sound like one we will look forward to seeing this Christmas. It's nice to see a story with meaning and inspiration. You are right - we must remember those who may be alone at Christmas.

  2. This sounds very interesting, a deviation from the formula christmas romances which, don't get me wrong, I love. I hope they let Amber sing.

    1. I'm with you... it's nice to see a Christmas movie with more than just another Holiday romance. Although, we like those, too... it's great to have variety.

      Also, this is being described as a Christmas Movie / Musical - so I'm sure Amber will be singing in it.

  3. Net, I know that my comment does not relate to the post, but I just wanted to let you know that on the official ‘When Calls the Heart’ Facebook page, they just announced that they started production on season three! They also announced that the ‘When Calls the Heart' Christmas movie is coming this December!

    1. Thank you for sharing your comment, Anonymous!!! I'm ecstatic to hear any news on When Calls the Heart, especially at Christmas!!! As soon as I read your comment - I rushed to Facebook.

      First to the Hallmark Channel Facebook, which has this post:

      "#‎Hearties‬! Pleased to announce that When Calls the Heart has started production on season three! Plus, you'll get a special 2-hour sneak peek this December!"

      Hmmmm??? I know they have said it will be a Christmas movie, but it always makes me wonder when they say "sneak peak". Do you think it's possible this could be a new Christmas themed story with flash-back type clips in a 2 hour span that goes back to several old scenes - then at the end previews what is to come in Season 3? Just a theory I had, which could be totally off.... but, in any case, I'm excited to hear WCTH is returning this December!!!

  4. I'm really enjoying this movie! I'm wondering when it will air again? I really want my friends and family to see it!

  5. I watched this yesterday and it really touched me. I cried during parts. It wasn't like a fairytale movie with fake problems it was filled with real issues that people deal with every day like being alone or family abandment. Some movies can deal with real issues but leave you feeling raw after. This movie was the perfect balance between happiness and reality. Just a wonderful movie! I have it saved on my DVR but I want to own it DVD. I hope it eventually is made into one! Definitely a must watch with family and friends.

    1. where can I buy my first Christmas wish


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