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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hallmark's 2015 Christmas Season... is coming!!!

Christmas Movies 2015!
(Murder She Baked - A Plum Pudding Mystery, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)

Hallmark Channel -

Northpole Open for Christmas
- Lori Loughlin, Dermot Mulroney, Bailee Madison

Ice Sculpture Christmas
- Rachel Boston

The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus
- (it's still a secret to me - who's in this!)

A Christmas to Remember
- Candace Cameron Bure, Paul Greene
Charming Christmas
- Julie Benz, David Sutcliffe

Crown for Christmas
- Danica McKellar, Rupert Penry Jones

Tis The Season For Love
- Sarah Lancaster

Hallmark Hall of Fame -
Just in Time for Christmas
-Eloise Mumford

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries -

Murder She Baked - A Plum Pudding Mystery
- Alison Sweeney, Cameron Mathison, Barbara Niven

Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge
- (actors currently unknown for these last three movies)

The Christmas Note

The Magic Stocking

Please know... These are just the movie titles I have learned about, thus far! Since we are expecting more Christmas movies than last year, many more will be added - especially to the Hallmark Channel list! So, as always... "Stay Tuned", and if you hear any new Movie news - you can e-mail me (itsawonderfulchristmas@yahoo.com) or comment below... and share with everyone!

Keep Enjoying...
 Christmas in July!!!


  1. Oh, WOW, Net!! Thanks for the happy news; so many more Christmas movies to look forward to!! I know I'm excited and it's only July....LOL!! Love the Christmas banner!!

    1. Thank you, Linda, for sharing in the excitement! :)

      I've been watching closely for any news or Movie titles I can find... as Christmas in July is always the best time to discover what's coming, and who's starring in each film, too! Since Hallmark is supposed to have around 25 movies - I know there's a lot more to go!

      Glad you like my special edition "Christmas in July" banner. I hate to see it go, but a new one will be up on Monday!

    2. Okay, I just re-read a press release from Hallmark, from earlier this year, and it looks like the number of movies we should expect from both networks is somewhere between 14 to 20!

      Please forgive me for saying 25, but I'm sure when other networks release their movies there will be way more than 25!

  2. Thanks for letting me know you made a graphic from my png verse. It looks great. I'll pin your site on my "movies" board. Thanks for your work here in promoting clean television. ~ Abby

    1. Thank you, Abby, for visiting my site today and sharing my link on your Pinterest movie board. I love the image you chose!


      By the way, for anyone else who wishes to share my site, first of all "Thank you so much" ... and Please feel free to pin my banner, or you can pin my special link buttons, here, or any image you like!

      Thank you, again, Abby, for the verse text... it worked perfectly with the image I found! God Bless!!!

  3. Given that each Christmas season on Hallmark has gotten "bigger," I suspect there will be more titles added to 2015's line up. SO fun. Cannot wait to see what else comes and the stories that result from these teasers. :)

    1. Great to hear from you, Rissi! :)

      I love these teasers, too! Learning the Movie titles one by one, and who's in each movie, is half the fun!

  4. Great to see what's to look forward to!


    1. I love hearing and sharing! It's so much fun, to get little hints here and there of all these upcoming Christmas movies!

      Good to hear from you, Misty!

  5. I was going to write a comment about how I love it when the names of the movies start showing up with some details, even if we don't know much, because it's part of the fun of the so-called off-season, to guess what we will have and what will become our new favorite and all that.

    But then I saw Rupert Penry Jones's name and died. One of my all time favorite actors who has done some amazing work in British Television over the years. By the name of the film I can tell it's another spin on the Royal stories that we've had in recent years (and I love), so I am betting he's playing some sort of a royal part (not for the first time! He already played a British prince in a lovely romantic comedy from 1997, The Student Prince). Anyhow, I am rambling, but it's only because I am excited. Looking forward to discovering more details about the movies as we go along, and enjoying our current Christmas in July period (as well as rewatching some of my Christmas favorites that didn't make it to the schedule this week).

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Shae! I love your enthusiasm! I, too, was pleasantly surprised to see Rupert Penry Jones name listed with the movie, "Crown for Christmas'! I really liked him in the Jane Austen movie adaptation of the book, Persuasion... so I'm also looking quite forward to seeing him in this. I haven't been able to discover, yet, if this movie is by the same people (Michael and Janeen Damian) who made "A Princess for Christmas" and "A Royal Christmas". Guess, we'll soon see!

      Enjoy Christmas in July!

    2. I was wondering about that too! I do know for sure (thanks, Twitter) that it was shot in Romania like the other two (well, actually, three, because they also did Love by Design, which was also set in Romania), though, so I wouldn't be surprised if it at least somehow related production wise. Looking at their Twitter they probably didn't produce it like they did with Princess and Love by Design, but they might have just written it, the same way they did A Royal Christmas.

    3. You made my day when I saw that Rupert Penry-Jones will be in one of the Movies. I agree with you on Persuasion - he did an amazing role. Also thank you so much for your blog - I love it and appreciate all that you do!

  6. Tis The Season Of Love starring Sarah Lancaster. It was promoted yesterday during Naughty or Nice.

  7. I seen Tis The Season For Love starring Sarah Lancaster promoted yesterday during Naughty Or Nice.

    1. Wow!! This comment came at the most perfect time! You truly brought a smile to my face as I have been wondering about this movie title, since we half caught it (at my house) listed on the bottom of the TV screen... also during the movie Naughty or Nice!!!

      The actress pictured with the title had dark hair, but no one quite caught her face in time. The first guess was actually Sarah Lancaster, from the movie “Fir Crazy”!

      Receiving your response was, as I said, Perfect!, because I was just about to ask, if any of you had seen it... but then I received your comment, confirming not only the movie title, but also the actresses name! So, please know, you really helped solve this mystery and I appreciate it so very much!

      I will definitely add "Tis the Season of Love" to the growing list above! Thank You!!!

    2. Ooh, great news! I was just rewatching Love Finds You in Sugarcreek last night and was thinking I really like this actress. I've seen Fir Crazy too, of course, but I have to admit that despite really liking both lead actors, that movie never quite worked for me.

      Fun seeing the list growing already and thanks Hallmark for all the teases!

  8. Also you can add "in time for Christmas" it was shown today during Nine lives of Christmas :)

  9. Add "Just in time for Christmas"

    1. I caught that one, too, last night during "The Nine Lives of Christmas"! I also added the name of the actress, who is starring in this movie, Eloise Mumford. She's the actress from "Christmas with Holly", the jilted Bride / Irish dancing Toy Shop owner!

  10. I'm hoping Kellie Martin or Autumn Reeser are in a Christmas Movie this year for Hallmark.

  11. I am thinking that we won't see Kellie Martin in a Christmas movie, as she is either filming or just recently filmed a movie for the Movies & Mysteries Channel, which is supposed to air in the fall. Also, she just did the Valentine's Day movie this year too ("So You Said Yes").

    I am also going to guess that Autumn Reeser will not be doing a Christmas or Thanksgiving movie, as she just did "A Country Wedding" and "I Do, I Do, I Do" this year.

    Even the busiest Hallmark actresses (Lacey and Candace, especially) seem to average about 2-3 movies for Hallmark each year.

    I was hoping we would get another Alicia Witt movie in 2015 -- but she seems to be so busy, traveling and touring to promote her music, that she may not have time to film!

  12. LOVE this site!! I have it bookmarked on my computer and check it often. I appreciate all that you do to keep us in the loop! I enjoyed watching all the Christmas movies this past week. So excited about all the NEW movies that will be premiering this coming Christmas season!

    Paula :)


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