Wednesday, June 17, 2015

'HERO' a TBN Movie Premiere for Father's Day


Movie: HERO

Network: TBN

Original Air Date: June 20, 2015


Burgess Jenkins ... Joe Finn
Mark Joy ... Fred
Gregory Alan Williams ... Kent Redding
Justin Miles ... David Finn
R. Keith Harris ... Winston Heller
Fred Griffith ... Bill Dawson
Nick Edwards ... Sammy Heller
Blaine T.F. Goodwin ... Mark Redding
Sam Dubin ... Pudge
Kenny Hinkle ... Johnny 'Juice' Jones
Ty Myatt ... Luke
Walker Anthony ... Bluford Jones, Jr.
Andrea Powell ... Amanda Heller
Ashlee Payne ... Hannah Finn
Jim McKeny ... Hank
Michael Beasley ... Beef
Brooke Myatt ... Vanessa Redding
James Patrick Freetly ... Pastor
Joseph Gray ... Umpire
Shannen Fields ... Luke's Mom
Aimee Peters ... Pudge's Mom
Mark Scarboro ... Pudge's Dad
Jake Johnson ... Cobb
Drew Garfield ... Stevie
Stacey Bradshaw ... Hot Dog Vendor
Anna Caton ... Shark Baseball Fan
Nicholas Edwards ... Sammy Heller
Geoff Thompson ... Roland the Baseball Announcer
David Tollison ... Young David Finn
Maredith Walker ... Karen


via TBN: A father's broken relationship with his family fills him with determination to win back the son he left behind. Reaching out through the game they both love, he deliberately forms a baseball team designed to reconnect both fathers and sons, transforming their town in the process.

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  1. I enjoy the programs you put on both as they have no foul language because of my husband's health problems and my own I have missed a couple of them please keep up with this policy of no foul language I hear enough in public to love people who know how to speak are language without using foul language every other word

  2. Absolutely beautiful. This movie tells the real story of absent fathers and the reasons for their absence. A heartfelt movie, perfectly written, directed, and with a host of actors who did a truly great job.

  3. A beautiful movie. Real life touched by God's grace. The light this movie revealed is restful to the soul. Thank you TBN!


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