Friday, April 3, 2015

UP-TV Premieres 'The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader' on Easter Sunday

via UP -- "Return to the magic and wonder of C.S. Lewis’ beloved world – via the fantastic Narnian ship, the Dawn Treader.
In this installment of the blockbuster "The Chronicles of Narnia" motion picture franchise, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, along with their cousin Eustace, their royal friend King Caspian, and a warrior mouse named Reepicheep, find themselves swallowed into a painting and on to the Dawn Treader.
Their mission – on which rests the fate of Narnia itself – takes the courageous voyagers to mysterious islands and a river that turns to gold, to fateful confrontations with magical creatures and sinister enemies, and to a reunion with their friend and protector, the Great Lion Aslan." 

Please note: I would love to hear from any of you who are familiar with the Narnia movies, as I have never seen any of the Movies from this series. I do believe, although this film is from 2010, this is it's first airing on TV.

See 'The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader'
 Easter night on UP-TV at 7 PM/6c.
Repeats at 9:30 PM/8:30c.


  1. I thought they did a really good job with this series. It's a very family-friendly fantasy series that I thought was just as visually interesting as The Lord of the Ring series but not quite as dark in tone.


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