Friday, March 6, 2015

UPcoming UP Movies for Spring & Summer 2015!

THE MUSIC IN ME (UP Premiere Movie) – Jessica Terrill plays piano, sings and writes music. Jessica has stayed in Seattle to help with the family business leaving her musical dreams unfulfilled. Until...she is asked to help with the failing church choir in her community and her dream starts to come alive. Premiere Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. EST/6:00 P.M. PST.

'The Music in Me', an UP Original Movie starring Debbie Gibson

DEMOLITION GIRL (UP Premiere Movie) – Inspired by a true story, Maggie, 18, lives in rural Louisiana. Pretty, extremely smart and a tomboy through and through, Maggie's hobbies are riding a dirt bike and rebuilding engines. She has also received a full scholarship to Harvard in the fall. Hank, Maggie's dad, is a hard-working blue collar guy who wants more for his daughter. Even though he taught Maggie to drive and work on cars when she was eight, he is upset when she announces that she is going to postpone college to enter the Mud Race in her own mud truck and beat all the guys who don't think girls should be racing. Premiere Date: to be announced.

STARS, STRIPES AND ACCESSORIES (UP Premiere Movie) – Amanda Morton is at a crossroads in her life – her boyfriend has broken up with her because she is not serious enough and she has lost her job because she is not ambitious enough. She is at rock bottom when she sees an ad on TV for the Army. She heads to the recruiting office and becomes the ultimate fish out of water. Premiere Date: to be announced.

MOTHERS OF THE BRIDE (UP Premiere Movie) – Jenna Wolf is getting married to her long-time boyfriend, Christopher. Jenna is extremely close to her mother, Debra, who told her at an early age that she was adopted. Now that she is getting married, Jenna would like to find her birth mother and share her happy news. Much to everyone's surprise, Jenna's biological mom is a famous event planner. Debra, who dreamed of planning her daughter's wedding, now finds herself competing with a professional for control of the wedding and Jenna is right in the middle of her two moms. Premiere Date: to be announced.

'Mothers of the Bride', an UP Original Movie starring Gail O'Grady

UP is a wonderful network that airs uplifting, faith, and family friendly dramas, sitcoms, and movies. I hope many of you will join me in looking forward to seeing their new UPcoming Original Movies!

Visit the THE MUSIC IN ME page for more details on this movie... and please stay tuned for more details on the other UP movies!


  1. These movies sound interesting, especially The Music in Me! Any chance Antonio Cupo sings?

  2. I'm beginning to love UP as much as Hallmark. It's awesome to see how much their network is growing. I just wish they would do more new family 1 hour weekly shows, drama style, like Hallmarks When Calls the heart or Signed Sealed Delivered. Jess

    1. Up will never be as good as Hallmark.

    2. I am so glad we have both!


  3. I always love news on upcoming movies and this is a great scoop of them. I was surprised to see Antonio Cupo again, so soon in a TV movie. Is this, by any chance, his first Up movie? I see Gail O'grady is in the last movie. Love her, too. Wonder who is in the other two?

  4. Yay! I like the varied themes. I'm most looking forward to the first one!


  5. Well, Antonio is in his element. He does have a musical back round. I'm looking forward to seeing him in this faith based movie.


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