Thursday, November 13, 2014

"A Perfect Christmas List" - an ION Original Christmas Movie


A Perfect Christmas List

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 14, 2014


Ellen Hollman
Marion Ross
Aaron Hill
Beth Broderick
Richard Karn


Just two weeks before Christmas, Sara Smith gets a call from home about her grandmother Evie, who has been sent to the hospital. Having always been close, the health scare is enough to get Sara to do the unthinkable... come home for Christmas. While Sara plans to get a hotel room for her stay, her mother won’t allow it. Sara eventually relents, but it’s clear that time has not repaired their relationship, and her mother returns to her overbearing ways. With her handsome doctor’s approval, the convalescing Evie conjures up a curious challenge. As a “last wish,” she tasks her daughter and granddaughter with list of festive accomplishments to do together before Christmas, hoping that the adventure of the experience will repair their relationship. Along the way, Sara discovers an unlisted Christmas adventure with Evie’s physician.

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  1. Loved this movie! All the characters were likable and it was a genuinely feel good movie. Definitely the best of the new ION movies this year.

  2. I hated this movie so much that I still occasionally find myself furious several days later. I spent the entire movie baffled as to why I am supposed to be sympathetic to the whiny, self-righteous, narcissistic daughter. She begins the movie as a complete brat, and ends the movie as a complete brat with a boyfriend. Yay? Literally everything about the daughter's character is awful.

  3. Why isnt this on torrent sites yet, stupid regional crap I WANT MY CHRISTMAS MOVIES :(

  4. Where can I find a HD download of this film? Anyone?

  5. Found this movie very refreshing. So used to seeing all the formulaic Christmas stuff that comes from the "H" word (my wife's station) I was wanting to actually see what was coming next!


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