Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Santa Con", a Lifetime Christmas Movie


Santa Con

Network: Lifetime

Original Air Date: December 13, 2014



Barry Watson ... Nick DeMarco
Melissa Joan Hart ... Rose DeMarco
Melissa Sagemiller ... Carol Guthrie
Scott Grimes ... John Guthrie
John Ratzenberger ... Warden
Jaleel White ... Paul Greenberg
Tucker Meek ... Billy Guthrie
Wendy Williams ... Pastor Ruth
Alimi Ballard ... Steve Repperton
Matthew Porter ... Walter Banfield
P.J. Marino ... Foreman
Dahn Ballard ... Olivia
Andrea Cirie ... Mrs. Stanwyck
Lucy DeVito ... June
Michael Patrick Lane ... Bartender
Brian J. Carter ... Ernie
Matthew O'Connor ... Phil
Mitch Longley ... Mr. Waxman
David Boston ... Corrections Officer



via Fairfield-Sun:

A Lifetime Channel spokesperson says "the movie’s plot centers on a con-man whose dirty deeds earn him a court-ordered stint as a department-store Santa. According to Lifetime’s description of the film, when the ex-con-turned-Santa carelessly promises to bring a boy’s estranged parents back together, he decides to make good on his word."

Via Lifetime: Small-time con man Nick DeMarco (Barry Watson) is ordered by his parole officer to take a minimum-wage job as a department store Santa during the holidays…and he hates it. Near the end of his first shift, he hastily promises a young boy, Billy (Tucker Meek), that Santa will bring his estranged parents back together by Christmas. When his sister Rosemary (Melissa Joan Hart) hears this, she is livid and can’t believe he would break a little boy’s heart with an empty promise. After a long night of soul searching – and with the help of an insightful female pastor (Wendy Williams) – Nick decides to make good on his promise to the child, somehow. But after meeting the boy’s mother Carol (Melissa Sagemiller), will Nick ultimately choose to put the happiness of others ahead of his own?

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Melissa Joan Hart - Pacific Coast News
Barry Watson - Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America
John Ratzenberger -


  1. This sounds like a good one! Like the cast chosen for this one.

  2. Melissa Joan Hart is so funny. Her ABCfamily Christmas Movie is a blast. I hope this one is a comedy, too.

  3. So funny that all 3 in that pic are 'child stars' from the 90s! LOL


  4. Excellent cast, performances, plot and writing! Breaks most stereotypes, is shockingly realistic and meaningful. Made my hair stand up with a short scene moment that somehow (pure accidental serendipity, I trust) recapped one of the most meaningful occasions of my life. Eerie! (The broken model P-51 situation actually happened to me but was not nicely resolved as in the movie. Maybe a writer heard me speak of it once... or ???)


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