Monday, January 13, 2014

That Spirit of Christmas

Although Christmas has passed and there aren’t any more Christmas Movies on TV, I feel we should keep the Christmas Spirit alive in our hearts... so, I am sitting by the fire side and listening to one of my favorite Christmas CDs from 2013!

The CD is by... (drumroll please!)…  Sidewalk Prophets”. They are truly fantastic and I am not biased one bit just because my cousin happens to be good friends with one of the group members!

If you love The True Meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, then you will love the Sidewalk Prophets Christmas CD titled: “Sidewalk Prophets : Merry Christmas to You”. It starts out with Linus reciting his famous line of “What Christmas is all about” and then it transitions into this awesome original song titled “What a Glorious Night”. 
(Back of Christmas CD.
Click Image to Enlarge!)

The entire CD is a wonderful mix of Christmas Classics and New Originals! "White Christmas" is so fun, with the lovely voice of Francesca Battestelli, and I love the song “That Spirit Of Christmas”… which is from the “Lampoons” Movie,  the one that is played when Clark Griswold is sitting up in the attic reminiscing about Christmases past. What can I say… “It’s truly amazing”!

And, while most of the CD is upbeat, the true meaning of Christmas is certainly celebrated throughout. I just love every song on the album, including the Title Track “Merry Christmas to You”! By the way, there’s a cute little ending to this song that all Christmas Movie Lovers will enjoy!  So be certain to listen closely – even to the end!

Hopefully many of you can join me and grab this CD and hold onto “That Spirit of Christmas, all through the year…”!

Click on the Play button to hear some of my favorites from this CD:


  1. That's awesome! Thanks for keeping Christmas alive.


  2. Thanks, Net, just ordered my copy of "Merry Christmas to You" by the Prophets and last years Christmas CD by Fransesca Batteselli. I'm looking forward to listening to these beautiful CD's for years to come!!

  3. thanks so much for posting this....i will definitely be checking it out. now is the time to buy so i will be all set for holidays 2014. i was lucky enough to catch a christmas episode of the waltons yesterday, so i had a little taste of christmas again!

  4. thanks so is the time to get this CD so i am ready for holidays 2014! i was able to catch a christmas episode of the waltons yesterday so i got a little taste of christmas again.

  5. Can't wait to see the 2014 Christmas movie line-up! I hope they will be releasing new movies to DVD also! Would love Matchmaker Santa as well as some of the new 2013 debuts!

  6. I just stumbled across this old post and checked out this CD. I had never heard of this group, but I'm always into to trying new music and I liked what I heard, so I ordered a copy. Thanks for this suggestion.


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