Monday, January 27, 2014

Hallmark Channel Movie "A Lesson in Romance"


A Lesson in Romance

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: April 19, 2014


Kristy Swanson ... Megan Mills
Scott Grimes ... Mike
Paul Butcher ... Sean
Allie Gonino ... Zoe


Money can’t buy happiness for career-driven mom Megan Mills (Swanson), or her family. Even a multi-million dollar windfall from a company merger is not enough to make up for the time that Megan lost with her husband, Mike (Grimes) and her twin children, Sean (Butcher) and Zoe (Gonino), while building a career. When Mike leaves her and joins Sean and Zoe in college, Megan realizes she must take drastic measures to bring her family back together. In order to save her marriage and reconnect with her children, she enrolls alongside them as a college undergrad.

Megan quickly discovers that rebuilding her family while surviving freshman year is going to take much more than just business prowess and school spirit. Despite her attempts to help her children adjust to college life, Sean and Zoe consistently reject Megan and are not pleased to have their mom as a classmate. Even Mike is too busy with school - not to mention a female professor - to appreciate her efforts. Megan only wants what is best for her family, but begins to question if she still has a part in it. With a tempting job offer waiting for her back at home, Megan must decide if she will drop out of campus life or if she has what it takes to graduate with family honors.

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*images via - pixl tv and Hallmark Crown Media
“A Lesson In Love” is a Mediapool Production in association with Larry Levinson Productions. Larry Levinson is the executive producer. Amanda Phillips Atkins is the co- executive producer. Lincoln Lageson is the producer. Ron Oliver directed from a script by Terence Brody.


  1. I love Kristy Swanson, especially that scene in "A Christmas Wish" when she falls on her knees in the gazebo and prays to God for her stepson; just heart wrenching. That's as easy as it is , folks. That's all God asks of us; to come forth with simple innocence as a child.

  2. I agree with Linda that A Christmas Wish was outstanding, in fact it is my fav Xmas film. I have been watching A Lesson in Love for only 20 minutes and I am impressed. Kristy can play a rich woman or a poor woman and still ROCK! YOU GO GIRL, but I need a root beer.., also I loved it when the freshman hit on cougar Kristy...yousa!

  3. I loved it when the nerdy Freshman hit on Cougar Kristy...whoo hooo!


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