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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hallmark Channel Movie "June in January"


June in January

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 18, 2014


Brooke D'Orsay ... June Fraser
Wes Brown ... Alex Blackwell
Marilu Henner ... Diana Blackwell
Gerard Plunkett ... Richard Blackwell
Barclay Hope ... Charlie Fraser
Christie Laing ... Tessa Williams
Chelsea Hobbs ... Bethany Barnard
Anne Marie DeLuise ... Kathryn

June Fraser (D’Orsay) has envisioned her wedding day her entire life and even managed to plan every detail with her loving mother, Kathryn (Anne Marie DeLuis, “Cedar Cove”), before Kathryn’s passing only a few years ago. Now an adult, June has met Alex Blackwell (Brown), a handsome attorney who hails from a very well-to-do family, with his intimidating and icy mother, Diana (Henner), at the helm. After an exciting New Year’s Eve engagement, June can’t wait to plan the June wedding she’s always wanted to honor her mother’s memory with and she starts using a portfolio of bridal magazine clippings she created with Kathryn as a guide. Then, when Alex suddenly receives a job offer in Cleveland and needs to move right away, he asks June if they can move the wedding date up to January—just three weeks away! In a panic, June and Alex accept Diana’s offer to host the wedding at the Blackwell’s gorgeous home, giving Diana the footing she needs to plan the event her way. June tries to salvage her special day and pull off the perfect summer wedding she’s always wanted despite the chilly calendar change and Diana’s cold calculating scheming.

Movie Review:

(May Include Spoilers!)

A Very Sweet, Sentimental, & Romantic Movie! You’ll want to watch “June in January” again and again, come February, April, May, and all year long!

“June in January” is the story of a woman, whose name is June, played by actress Brooke D’Orsay. (Who we loved in the Hallmark Channel Movie: “How to Fall in Love”!) It had always been June and her Mother’s dream, to plan the perfect wedding together, and of course, it would have to be in June! However, June’s Mother has passed away a few years back and while she won’t be there to help, June is holding on tight to all the dreams they had planned together.

Unfortunately, June’s fiancΓ©, Alex Blackwell, portrayed by the handsome actor, Wes Brown, isn’t making it easy. The story begins on New Year’s Eve at a party at Alex’s family home… where he proposes to June in front of his parents, co-workers, and friends. It’s obvious to see from the start that Alex’s mother, Diana Blackwell, isn’t fond of June. When Alex receives a promotion at work that involves moving to Ohio, he asks June if they can have the wedding in January, because he wants them to be married and move to Ohio together. The idea or thought of living together was never an option for this couple.

June is a little disappointed about giving up on a “June” wedding, but decides as long as she can have everything else she and her Mother had dreamed about, then, it would be fine. But, soon, June realizes that their dreams cannot be – an outdoor wedding is out, some of the flowers she hoped for, won’t be in season, and so on and on.

Everything completely unravels when they cannot find a venue for the wedding and Alex’s Mother offers their home. Well, watch out – we’re headed for a bumpy ride! At first, Diana and her assistant had meddled in small ways, but now they are in nearly all the details, which is about to set June on edge, who has been very giving, in spite of giving up most of her dream.

Alex and June are both tested in their relationship. In the end, the details become less important than the fact that they are in love with one another and want to be married, whether it happens in June or January!

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  1. This movie is SUPER cute. :)

  2. The biggest reason I wanted to watch "June in January" is because I watched "how to fall in love", and I really enjoyed this movie especially the ending. When I see a movie that has really good acting in it especially a movie of this type, I tend to get a little emotional. That's how I can tell it is a really good movie. If you get a chance to watch this movie, you need to watch it. I do like the star of this movie.

    1. Me too! I agree... This is one of those great emotional tearjerkers! Glad you enjoyed it, too!

  3. I'm sorry, but this movie was filled with awful women, including the main character we are supposed to root for, doing fairly despicable and selfish things. It is all the very worst stereotypes of women and weddings presented as if such things are adorable. They are not.

    1. Oh my. I loved this movie and the characters. Sorry to hear you didn't. Now, the Mother-N-Law to be is a little nasty and her assistant is a real "Mean girl", but the bride is very nice and pretty understanding and sweet. I must say this is one I love with a nice sappy happy ending! If you don't - that's all right.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I didn't find her "woe is me, everything isn't perfect at MY wedding" stuff very nice at all. It was all about her, and her wants, and there was no room for anyone's else likes or dislikes, not even her husband-to-be's. If your wealthy future in-laws offer to host your wedding in their gorgeous home on short notice, it seems like the LEAST you could do is listen to their suggestions. But instead it was all about her and then we're supposed to feel sorry for her? I just kind of hoped he'd moved to Cleveland without her.

    1. I so agree! The bride makes the mother-in-law to be impossible, when in fact, she's the one who is self-absorbed.

  5. Just saw it the other night and I loved it!
    It was a bit over the top at times but I find Brooke D'Orsay very charming so I was game for whatever :D

  6. I, too, loved the movie and I'm hoping that it will soon be released on DVD.

  7. I love her dress so much, but I can't figure out who designed it.... Any help?

  8. At the very end of the movie, a women said. "you know they will honeymoon in Cleveland "... I don't get it

    1. I believe the comment is made simply to be cute and funny.

      "June in January" is certainly a sweet, feel good romantic movie! Both Brooke D'Orsay and Wes Brown were wonderful in it 4 years ago, and it's evident Hallmark viewers loved them now and still today!!! :)


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