Monday, September 9, 2013

Cloud 9 - a Disney Channel Original Movie



Cloud 9

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: January 17, 2014

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Luke Benward ... Will
Dove Cameron ... Kayla
Patrick Fabian ... Richard
Jeffrey Nordling ... Sebastian
Kiersey Clemons ... Skye
Trevor Snarr ... Security Guard Bennie
Mike C. Manning ... Nick
Dillon Lane ... Burke
Amy Farrington ... Andrea
Kelsie Mathews ... High End Spectator
Colton Tran ... Mike Lam
Angella Joy ... Judge
Mason Mac ... Random Dude
Victoria Moroles ... Pia
Allan Groves ... Announcer



via Disney:

“Cloud 9″ follows two unlikely friends, Kayla Morgan, a prima donna snowboarder who was just dropped from her competition team, and Will Cloud, a former snowboarding champion who is struggling after a career-ending wipeout. The two meet when Kayla is forced to work at the local dog grooming shop owned by Will’s mother. Determined to become a better boarder, Kayla finds an unexpected mentor in Will, who she realizes can help take her to the next level. So in exchange for help fixing up the dog grooming shop, Will reluctantly accepts Kayla’s pleas to train her and introduces her to a regimen that tests her true commitment to the sport. As the two grow closer, Kayla’s efforts convince Will that he, too, has the power to regain his championship status and that nothing is impossible.

Movie Review:

Cloud 9 was fun, bright, & cheerful… a great movie for children, Tweens, some Teens, and Family Viewing, too! It had elements most girls & guys enjoy –fashion, comedy, dogs, and of course, snowboarding!

The main story is around Kayla Morgan, who is your stereotypical pampered princess. However, everything turns around for her after one night when she and her teammates go sledding. The sled she & her boyfriend, Nick, are riding goes out of control and Nick bails on her. Somehow she remarkably survives a crazy trip down the hill and a major crash through a very large wooden sign, with hardly a scratch.

Things get even worse from there… Nick, her boyfriend, dumps her, the team drops her, and her father admits he was the reason Kayla was on the snowboarding team to begin with. He had bought her way. Also as punishment, for goofing off and breaking the sign, she must work at the lodge’s dog kennel.

At first, Kayla is rather down and discouraged- having to work with a former injured snowboarder, Will Cloud and his Mother at this drab doggie daycare. Eventually, though… she decides to make the most of it – as she re-joins the competition with a new team, talks Will into coaching her, and helps turn the dog kennel around, too – after a few mishaps along the way!!!

It’s a great Disney Channel movie families can enjoy watching together.

See or Skip:

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  1. Is Dove Cameron Kirk's daughter or Candace's? Or is she no relation?

    1. Hmmm... good question. I do know she is not Candace's daughter. Her name is Natasha and I don't believe she is Kirk's daughter, either. Could should be a relative, though? Possibly!

  2. No... she is not!
    Fathers: Bonnie Wallace, Philip Alan Hosterman (font wikipedia) ;)

  3. I really liked this new Disney movie. great casting. it was a good movie, especially for a Disney channel original.


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