Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Lark Rise to Candleford" and 3 more Dramas - Coming to INSP this Fall

Beginning in October on INSP, there will be four new dramas added to their Fall 2013 lineup:


Based on a true-life story of Flora Thompson and set in the 1880’s English countryside, this tale chronicles the life of young Laura Timmons who moves a few short miles from her quaint shire to a nearby town. This rich, funny and emotional series follows the relationship of two contrasting communities: Lark Rise, a small hamlet gently holding onto the past, and Candleford, a neighboring market town bustling into the future.


An explosive, dramatic, adventure series about the military service of the Judge Advocate General (J.A.G.) Corps. As U.S. military attorneys, Commander Harmon “Harm” Rabb (David James Elliot) and his partner Major Sarah "Mac” MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) use intellect and grit to uncover the mysteries behind criminal cases that involve murder, treason and espionage. Their skill and tenacity bring America’s most dangerous enemies to justice. JAG combines the intensity of the battlefield with the suspense of a criminal investigation into one action-packed hour.


An action-packed, romantic and lighthearted drama that follows Robin of Locksley (Jonas Armstrong) after he discovers his town has fallen under the rule of the dark-hearted Sheriff of Nottingham. To fight the tyranny that has overtaken his home and his friends, Robin becomes the leader of a band of outlaws willing to rise up and fight for freedom. When Robin also discovers that his childhood sweetheart, feisty Lady Marion (Lucy Griffiths), has remained unmarried, he struggles to find a way to win her heart over the Sheriff of Nottingham’s second-in-command, Sir Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage).


Based on the bestseller by Catherine Marshall, Christy tells the story of an idealistic nineteen year old (Kellie Martin) who leaves the comforts of her city home to teach school in the impoverished Appalachian community of Cutter Gap, Tennessee in 1912. Strength, determination, and faith, along with the friendship of Alice Henderson (Tyne Daly), guide young Christy Huddleston through unforeseen difficulties, help her to gain understanding of the proud mountain people, and win her the friendship and the love of two men.

My thoughts on these new series....

"I am most excited that INSP has acquired these new series for their network... especially "Lark Rise to Candleford". "It is my one weakness!" Lark Rise has aired on a few PBS affiliates, but for the most part, in has not been seen on TV in America. It is lovely period series. You will find yourself enraptured with the townspeople of Lark Rise: Twister, Queenie, Alfie, the Timmons family, and more... and then the people of Candleford, too: Dorcas Lane, Thomas Brown, the Pratt Sisters, and all of their day to day lives and happenings...

I must say I am not familiar with this particular "Robin Hood" series; however, "JAG" is a fascinating military drama where justice is served by actor, David James Elliott. In the TV Show "Christy", Christy Huddleston is portrayed by actress Kellie Martin, which is also a lovely period series that ended all too soon, yet each episode is precious and beautiful... something to treasure! Watch and you will see!

I hope you will enjoy all of these new drama series on INSP!"


  1. I remember the Robin Hood series from when it aired on BBCAmerica some years ago. It stars Richard Armitage as the sheriff. It was a mess. I think they might have to edit some parts out. I know it had 3 seasons.

    Ya to LarkRise. I loved that show.

  2. I love Lark Rise! So glad I have INSP to watch this series all over again. Also like Christy, too. YOu are right. They did end it too soon.

  3. "Christy" !!!

    I haven't seen "Christy" in years, maybe a decade or so. That's way exciting to me. Probably less exciting for my poor overworked DVR.

  4. 70 Days!!! Can't wait for the Christmas TV Schedule 2013.


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