Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catch "The Bouquet" starring Kristy Swanson


The Bouquet

Network: UP

(previously known as: GMC)

Original Air Date: June 9, 2013

*This movie is available on DVD.


Kristy Swanson ... Terri Benton
Alberta Mayne ... Mandy Benton
Michael Shanks ... Sam
Nicola Cavendish ... Bonnie Benton
Danny Glover ... Reverend John
Jeremy Guilbaut ... Noah
Stephen E. Miller ... Cecil Benton
Daniel Bacon ... Bruce Hammond
Kelly Konno ... Doc Brown
David Bloom ... Ed Woodruff
Ellie Harvie ... Mary Hammond
Billy Mitchell ... Tom Kennedy
Nimet Kanji ... Woman Executive
Jocelyne Loewen ... Young Bonnie Benton


DVD Synopsis:

Every dream deserves a chance to grow.

Two estranged sisters torn apart by their differences suddenly find themselves working together towards a common goal in the heartwarming drama, The Bouquet. For years, overachiever Terri (Kristy Swanson) and her idealistic sister, Mandy (Alberta Mayne), have kept their distance from each other, as well as from their parents' struggling florist business. But when a tragic turn of events brings both women home, they discover just how much they need one another in order to continue their family legacy. Filled with romance, humor and hope, it's an endearing story about making time for the ones you love.

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*This movie is available on DVD.


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  1. I really liked watching The Bouquet, I think this would be a good movie to watch on mother's day or a day of sisterly bonding.

  2. This movie is also on INSTANT netflix! IT IS AMAZING!


  3. I appreciate your reviews!

    Glad you both enjoyed the movie: stillshining1000 and Tristan. I'm looking forward to seeing it this upcoming weekend on UP!

    Airs on TV:
    June 9th on the UP network!
    (previously known as GMC!)

  4. Who ended up getting the man, he was seen kissing one sister than the other one? and if he wasn't getting paid for working there what was he doing there?

    1. I have seen this movie, but did not see what you are referring to. Both sisters fell in love with different men.

      Sam was a family friend, and he knew their father, so he was just helping out the family.

      Hope this info helps!

  5. On the second last picture, im the younger little girl! I was 5-7 years old at the time, now im 13! It was super fun putting my hands in wet cement and eating all the mints in the snack area! Haha. I haven’t seen the movie but it was the biggest job I’ve had as a background actor and i kept getting distracted by pill bugs!

    1. Oh my goodness, that is so sweet! Thank you for sharing your special memory with us! That is so cool you were a part of the filming for this movie - as a background actor! Enjoy being a teenager now... I'm sure you have many awesome adventures ahead! :)

      Blessings to you! Net


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