Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Movie : Just Where I Belong "The Christmas Bunny"


Just Where I Belong

Also Known As: The Christmas Bunny

Network: TBN

Original Air Date: December 22, 2012


Sophie Bolen ... Julia
Madeline Vail ... Patti Cooper
Colby French ... Scott Cooper
Derek Brandon ... Billy Cooper
Florence Henderson ... Betsy Ross
Charles Irving Beale ... Hank Vanee
Andrew Twiford ... Johnny
Michael J. Blashill ... Uncle Chip
Kimberly Harsch ... Diane
Michele Messmer ... Pamela


One cold Christmas Eve, a lonely foster child finds an injured rabbit in the Michigan woods. She knows there's only one person who can nurse the creature back to health---the Bunny Lady. When Julia brings the animal to the elderly woman's farmhouse, she fears it may be too late---and hopes for a Christmas miracle.

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  1. This basically is a terrible movie regarding rabbit treatment. First, the brats show the bunny and broke its leg. Second the “rabbit lady” (RL) picked the bunny up by its scruff. Third the new people fed the bunny a bunch of junk but the rabbit lady did say that was bad and bunny should have hay. The vet said he did not treat rabbits b/c they were exotics. The RL had LOTS of bunnies out in a barn running around and no mention was made of sexing or fixing but she said the bunnies had been dumped when no longer wanted. Bunny was put in a baby carriage and rolled off a snow hill - I had quit watching there. BAD MOVIE showing maltreatment of bunnies who are very fragile and breed easily if not fixed.


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