Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Twister


Christmas Twister

Network: ION

Original Air Date: December 16, 2012


Casper Van Dien
Victoria Pratt
Richard Burgi


After a massive, out-of-season swarm of Texas tornadoes levels weather scientist Ethan Walker's home on Christmas Eve, he must find courage in the face of devastation to help restore his marriage and rescue their missing children.

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  1. This was entertaining because of how bad it was;
    - how about the pregnant woman, the pregnancy was not very believable.
    - and the weather man on top of the power plant when the tornado blew the trailer into him and the camera man
    - so the son goes into the mall and dad asks every "have you seen my son?", when he finds him under rubble, the son ask "is the girl's grandfather okay?". So day carries him to the car because he cannot walk, then he runs off with a friend to go to grandma's
    - next at the end when the paramedics is taking the pulse of the pregnant woman; he put his fingers on her neck for less than 1second.
    - if you do not take this movie seriously, it is entertaining.

  2. This is a corny movie. Grandbury TX does not have mountains and palm trees.

    1. No, it doesn't. This wasn't filmed anywhere near Granbury. If it was filmed in Texas it was much further west and south.

  3. I thought it was entertaining, and I actually cried when the daughter and dad found the mom. I tend to just relax when I watch movies like this, and it was worth watching.

  4. I actually liked it just because of how cheesy it was did more than anything nothing about it was believable!

  5. I agree with the top comment. I kept asking myself, "Why the heck am I still watching this?" I found myself continuing to watch because of how bad it was. The movie itself was completely cheezy filled with some bad effects and acting. The movie was so bad, yet entertaining at the same time. At the end, I had to see if there were others that felt the same way I did. It's a shame that this blog never took the time to give it a review.

  6. I love the part when the boyfriend is outside the mall and girl is crying for someone to let him in while she just stands there. There is no one between her and the door. Oh and the door is somehow locked but then is later unlocked, I guess by the tornado. Classic. Best worst movie ever!

  7. Yes there are mountains close to Granbury (Chalk Mountain),as well 377 isn't a dirt road either,now the part about Tolar would be okay because there are dirt roads like that,but 377 hell for Granbury having a mall that size,maybe go to Cleburne or Fort Worth.......can't fool anyone who has lived in the town

    1. Comanche Peak is near Granbury. I can't remember if the movie mentions the nuclear power plant or not.

  8. an F6 tornado implies very serious damage (especially since the scale only goes to F5) but the damage shown appears to be more like F.6 (or maybe F-.6)

    the summary states that the storm "levels" the home but at the end of the movie it only has some siding and roof damage but appears mostly intact and all of that happens near the end of the movie - not near the beginning as the summary implies.

    this is not a good movie....

  9. I watched the movie recently. I thought of driving to Granbury to see "THE BIG MALL" wink wink


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