Monday, October 22, 2012

Holly's Holiday - Lifetime Christmas Movie


Holly's Holiday

Network: Lifetime

Original Air Date: December 8, 2012


Claire Coffee ... Holly Maddux
Ryan McPartlin ... Bo
Mark Lindsay Chapman ... Livingston
Matt Riedy ... Mike
Edward Hong ... Freddie
Jeff Ward ... Milo Ames
Paul Elia ... Darryl
Kelli Stoner ... Young woman
Eric Salazar ... Javier
Annie Quinn ... Meg
Dash Kolos ... Angry Girlfriend
Billy Marquart ... Zach
Marc Barnes ... Frankie
Aketza López Totorika ... Marcos
Gail Friedland ... Michelle


Claire Coffee stars as advertising executive Holly, who can't quite imagine why she is so drawn to the handsome mannequin in the perfect holiday window display she passes every morning. When she is knocked unconscious by a falling icicle, her once fake window man becomes the man of her dreams, but she soon discovers that though his looks are perfect, his personality is still, well, plastic.

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    I am confused. It is almost the same title but different movies, right? it airs the same date, think it's ABC.

  2. Please correct and include Gabrielle Dennis as Deena in Holly's Holiday. She is an integral part of the cast. Thanks :)

  3. This was boring. I couldn't finish watching it. I like Claire Coffee on Grimm but the writing was horrible so not her fault.

  4. I think this was quite entertaining. The ending was not satisfying though. I wish they would've shown more of Holly and Mike in close up shot rather than pull away like that on the ending.

  5. I thought the writing was quite witty, not like the usually Lifetime holiday movies you see. The supporting character storylines were also very entertaining.

  6. This was one of my favs so far, I hope Lifetime airs this again again!! I just loved it!! The acting and and the writing was spot on. Its also one of the better shot movies on Lifetime.

  7. I am really very upset at this movie. I mean seriously. Its been days since I watched this and I still get an ache in my chest at how they ended this movie! REALLY DUDE?!? She spent the WHOLE movie with the "perfect guy", right? With a few key moments where we feel this great chemistry with her and the "right guy." I was anxious to see that moment where they declare their love and have this great romantic kiss, but what happens? DEFINITELY not a declaration. And definitely not even a stinkin meeting of the lips. Just a tepid kiss on the doggone forehead WHILE HE'S FALLING TO SLEEP!!! You've got to be kidding me!! This movie held such promise. I was with them the WHOLE way until the end where I was left feeling incomplete and totally bereft. Lol. I know I'm being overly dramatic, but come on. Whoever wrote or produced that ending needs a whoopin!! Lol. I'm done ranting now. Thanx for listening. I mean reading ;-)

  8. ITA it was certainly a lame ending without a proper acknowledgement of their budding romantic feelings ;( The story otherwise was ok and I really liked the charming & cute Milo.

    I must admit the whole holiday special movie season on both Hallmark, ABC & Lifetime was a bit disappointing this year. The only one I really enjoyed was HM`s Help for the Holidays and just because the two romantic leads had great chemistry which seems to be sadly lacking in the other Xmas movies this year. Not to sound too grumpy but it was not great either to see the same actors in movies by all three mainstream broadcasters. However my three three faves so far were :- Help for the Holidays, The Mistle Tones & Finding Mrs Claus. Happy Holidays!

  9. I see that many people agree with me that the ending was dissatisfying. To me, it's very obvious that the real ending involved the two of them walking by a window display with the mannequin, kissing, and then Holly trades a glance with the Bo mannequin. She smiles a secret smile and walks away with Milo. At the point the camera slowly closes in on the mannequin and at the last possible moment, it winks.

    This alternate ending is very hacky but more emotionally satisfying. I'm sure it is what was originally filmed and then they lost their nerve and ended with a weaker less cheesy ending. That's not even them in the final shot, just extras.

  10. I’m an extreme fan of carol of the bells. Who performed or arranged the version played in the scenes where Milo & Holly we’re pulling there plans together for the ad campaign?


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