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Movie Review - Life with Father

This review below was originally posted to be a part of TCM's "Summer under the Stars" event- which took place in August of 2012. During this event, TCM honored a different actor or actress by playing their movies all day! Irene Dunne was selected for August 24th, 2012 and as part of a special Blogathon by the web-sites, "ScribeHard on Film" and "Sittin on a Backyard Fence", to promote these films, I featured a Movie Review & Trailer (below) for the Irene Dunne Movie, Life with Father.


Life with Father

Network: TCM

Original Air Date: 1947

Life with Father is available on DVD - click here!

Stars:  William Powell, Irene Dunne, and a young, Elizabeth Taylor.


William Powell ... Father
Irene Dunne ... Vinnie
Elizabeth Taylor ... Mary
Edmund Gwenn ... Rev. Dr. Lloyd
Zasu Pitts ... Cora
Jimmy Lydon ... Clarence
Emma Dunn ... Margaret
Moroni Olsen ... Dr. Humphries
Elisabeth Risdon ... Mrs. Whitehead
Derek Scott ... Harlan
Johnny Calkins ... Whitney
Martin Milner ... John
Heather Wilde ... Annie
Monte Blue ... The Policeman
Mary Field ... Nora
Queenie Leonard ... Maggie
Nancy Evans ... Delia
Clara Blandick ... Miss Wiggins
Frank Elliott ... Dr. Somers


Life With Father was faithfully filmed by Warner Bros. in 1947. William Powell is a tower of comic strength as Clarence Day, the benevolent despot of his 1880s New York City household. Irene Dunne co-stars as Day's wife Vinnie, who outwardly has no more common sense than a butterfly but who is the real head of the household. The anecdotal story, encompassing such details as the eldest Day son's (James Lydon) romance with pretty out-of-towner Mary (Elizabeth Taylor), is tied together by Vinnie's tireless efforts to get her headstrong husband baptized, else he'll never be able to enter the Kingdom of God. Each scene is a little gem of comedy and pathos, as the formidable Mr. Day tries to bring a stern businesslike attitude to everyday household activities, including explaining the facts of life to his impressionable son.

Movie Review:

TCM describes this movie perfectly - It's about... "A straitlaced turn-of-the-century father who presides over a family of boys and the mother who really rules the roost."

Everything about this family is fascinating and interesting. It's definitely a story of a family who is from a complete different generation from where families and children are today. There is an innocence to the young boys that is honest, believable, and refreshing! The mother, Vinnie, played by Irene Dunne, is devoted to her husband and protective and caring with her sons. She is concerned over all their faith and devotion to God, and she is the one, in spite of what the father may think, who makes everything run smoothly in their home.

It is Vinnie's mission to have her husband baptized and we learn throughout the movie that she always finds a way to get things done. She's incredible! When the father, Clarence Day, (played by William Powell) thinks he may lose her, (due to illness), everything in life comes into perspective as he begins to appreciate his wife and family in a whole new way.

It's deeply touching, comical, at times... and insightful into an era so bygone from today's world.

After 5 minutes... you'll be sure to fall in love with the Day family and their every day life and family dramas.

See or Skip:

See! A wonderful family film for every generation!

Part 1 of Movie:

Life with Father is available on DVD - click here!



  1. I absolutely LOVED Life With Father...It was funny and charming...Great movie!

    Joyce from Florida

  2. Me, too, Joyce... Glad you loved it, as well!


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