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Christmas Movie - Seven Deadly Words


Seven Deadly Words

DVD Release Date: Spring 2013

*I know this sounds like a thriller or suspense, but it is not. Instead, it is a story of a small town who is trying to adjust to a new pastor in their community. See more plot details below.

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Roy Lynam ... Evan Bennett
Guisela Moro ... Elaine Bennett
Mark Ginther ... Vincent Haman
Jamie Lee Smith ... Ashley
Luke Asher ... Marcus Stone
Katia Fernandez ... Gloria
Stephanie Harness ... Rose Bennett
Shane Willimon ... Brax McCoy
Miles Benson ... Treavor
Kendra LaSalle ... Officer Coogan
Holly Hathaway ... Mrs. McCoy
Meg Brooks ... Kim
Wayne Greeson ... Walt Tannin
Linda Ward ... Bertha Haman
Christopher Hunt ... Stewart
Leonard Urban ... The Mayor
Mardell Elmer ... The Organist's Husband
Cheryl Holt ... The Church Organist

(Images from: Seven Deadly Words Facebook)



Seven Deadly Words is a story told from the perspective of two student filmmakers, who come to Egypt Valley Community Church to complete a documentary on a small church adapting to a new pastor. What they don’t realize is that they will soon be caught in the middle of a power struggle that will test the faith and push the limits of all parties involved.

Pastor Evan Bennett arrives by train to the small town of Connersville, Indiana. Here he meets Brax McCoy the Treasurer and Vincent Haman, the Church Moderator /Deacon. When Evan suggests inviting the community to a welcome party, Vincent is surprised…He says, “We’ve never done it that way before.”

After Evan and his family settle into church life at Egypt Valley, the theme of the seven deadly words comes up over and over, as Evan and others struggle to rebuild relationships with the community, repair the broken down facility, and refill the church bank account.

When a major spending issue threatens the church’s very survival, Evan steps in with a controversial budget proposal. However, the Haman family is none too pleased. Evan’s cuts threaten their control and their family’s security. What starts as a debate over “faith giving” turns into a holy war, with Evan as the target.

Threats, intimidation, mystery, and politics swirl around the church and community, and no one is quite sure how it will end.

Inspired by actual events, this tale of faith, betrayal, victory, and survival will delight you, shock you, and leave you on the edge of your seat. Will those seeking change survive, or will the SEVEN DEADLY WORDS kill off any hope for Egypt Valley?

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