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Strawberry Summer - Hallmark MOVIE Channel


* Strawberry Summer *

Network: Hallmark MOVIE Channel

Original Air Date: August 25, 2012

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: June 8, 2013

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Trevor Donovan ... Jason Keith
Shelley Long ... Eileen Landon
Meagen Fay ... Mimi
Cindy Williams ... Ruth Yates
Barry Van Dyke ... Jim Landon
Julie Mond ... Beth Landon
Becky O'Donohue ... Roxanne Russo
Dexter Darden ... Noah
Jilon VanOver ... Ray Harris
Michelle DeFraites ... Kara Wright
Dagney Kerr ... Tracy
Alyssa de Boisblanc ... Young Girl
Brittani Noel ... Strawberry Gal
Sal Velez Jr. ... Farmer
Laura Krystine ... Girl


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

Beth Landon (Julie Mond), a small-town music teacher with big singing aspirations has been crowned the Strawberry Queen of the annual Festival. Pulling some strings, Beth has landed country music heartthrob Jason Keith (Trevor Donovan) to perform at this year's event. A one-hit wonder notorious for cancelling shows, Jason with his bad-boy attitude isn't what Beth's mother, Eileen (Shelley Long), considers a reliable musical act for the town's beloved festival, which she is proudly hosting. Beth attempts to stick up for her favorite singer, but when she finally meets Jason face-to-face, it becomes obvious it won't be easy. But behind Jason's rock star stereotypes, he's hiding a secret about his past that could turn his tanking career around. Along with his Jason's manager, Beth convinces Jason the festival gig is a great way to revitalize his career and win back his audience appeal. Soon, as Jason spends more time with Beth and finds himself opening up for the first time, an unexpected romance develops and they help each other find the courage to pursue their real passions in life.

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  1. is Barry van dyke in this or not? it says he is on several pages. i am a big Barry van dyke fan!!

    Angie big
    Barry van dyke

  2. I really want to know if Barry Van Dyke is in this too. Love him sooooooo much!!!

    Joanne Camp


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