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GMC Movie - A Cross to Bear


A Cross to Bear

Network: GMC

Original Air Date: February 18, 2012


Kim Fields … Joan
Danielle Deadwyler … Erica Moses
Malinda Williams … Fae
Jackie Long … Charles
Viviana Chavez … Cookie
Angie Stone … Sunshine
John Ridings … Homeless Veteran
Tequilla Whitfield … Morgan
Deetta West … Carrie
Kenny Lattimore … Ash the Producer
Ira Carmichael … Homeless man
Lecrae Moore … Jerome
Daniel Burnley … Homeless Man
Ken Melde … AA Meeting Attendee
Karon Riley … Trey
Tamika Tanner … Tina
Jerry Griffin … Boss
Benita Carswell … Shelter Woman
Owen Ridings … Homeless Child
Janean Akilah … Stacy
Naomi Lavette … Homeless Woman
Linda Denman … Homeless Woman
Madison Potts … Chloe


from GMC:

Erica Moses, the homeless mother of a 15-month-old daughter, wakes up alone one day in an abandoned building. With the help of the people she meets in a home for women she fights to get her life back and builds relationships that will change her life forever.

Movie Review:

PLEASE NOTE: This film was not for children or young viewers due to the intensity of the life of a homeless person. It is extremely real and sad, at times, to follow the life of this young girl on the street.

It all starts when Erica becomes pregnant, out of wed-lock. Her boyfriend throws her out of his home leaving her with no place to go. She ends up at a homeless shelter. She has her baby and keeps looking for somewhere to go - when she is turned away from a shelter due to over-crowding. Another homeless woman takes her to an abandoned building where many homeless people live. While living there - her baby dies in a horrible accident. This scene was so disturbing - I can't bear to describe it. I'll just say, homeless people often create fires to keep warm.

Erica eventually finds herself at a home for women, like herself, who need help. The woman over the home, Joan, has strict rules against drinking, etc... Erica plays by the rules, becomes friends with one of the girls, and starts tearing down walls by revealing her hurts and her past to Joan. Erica gets a job, and even starts to date a Security Guard, at her work. But, things fall apart when she loses her job and then starts drinking again. Joan sends her away.

In the end, the loss of one of their friends, brings Erica back to the woman's home. It's a bitter sweet ending for these people who have learned so harshly - that everyone has "a cross to bear".

See or Skip:

Please read the review above before deciding if this is something you would like to watch.



  1. Thank you for your reviews. It really helps me determine what I

  2. Wonderful movie. It made tears flow from my eyes though..


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