Monday, January 16, 2012

Duke - Hallmark MOVIE Channel Film



Network: Hallmark MOVIE Channel

Original Air Date: April 28, 2012

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Steven Weber ... Terry
Sarah Smyth ... Alice
Allison Hossack ... Dr. Angela
April Telek ... Cami
Kendall Cross ... Bethany
Reese Alexander ... Physical Therapist
Primo Allon ... Bryan
Jay Brazeau ... Dr. Jamison
Sage Brocklebank ... Worker
Erica Carroll ... Theresa
Dawn Chubai ... Reporter
Martin Cummins ... Javier
Jakob Davies ... Troy
Lisa Marie DiGiacinto ... Vet Tech
Alf Humphreys ... Joe


A disabled veteran abandons his wife and young daughter soon after returning home from war, feeling like nothing but a burden. For ten years, his relies on his faithful canine companion, a compassionate Border Collie, as his only family. But when the dog suddenly gets deathly ill, he anonymously drops him off at a vet clinic, never expecting a chain of events and a kindhearted doctor will soon bring him back in touch with his estranged daughter after so many years.


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  1. this is one of the greatest animal stories since 'ol yeller....steven weber did a great job too! Please put it to dvd for sale a.s.a.p. so I can have other people watch this movie......keep them comin' the HALLMARK CHANNELS...


  2. I agree with the other anonymous above: PLEASE. release this on DVD! I loved it & would like it for my collection. I watched it with my best 'fur-friend' - an Australian shepherd named "Snickers" who looks a bit like Duke. She listened to his every bark & whine & fell in love with him too.
    Laura & Snickers from PA

  3. I think Steven Weber did a remarkable job in this movie. The chemistry between him and Duke...who owns Duke? Please put it to dvd...........Great to watch oer and over.......

  4. please put this great movie to dvd.............

  5. no google account but I love this movie.....would like to purchase it?

  6. Loved this movie.......will it be for sale soon?

  7. Very touching movie. I would really like to hear the true story it is inspired by. Critics hate these kind of movies but I enjoy them. There are too few happy endings in the real world.

  8. Can Hallmark Channel play this movie "Duke" again or put it onDemand for DirecTV


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