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I Married Who? - Hallmark Channel Movie


I Married Who?

Previously Titled: Always a Bride

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: October 20, 2012


Kellie Martin ... Jordan Brady
Ethan Erickson ... Matt Swift
Bess Armstrong ... Elaine
Marlane Barnes ... Shelly
Zylan Brooks ... Judge
Mikaela Brown ... Renter
Rick Chambers ... Courthouse Reporter
Adrienne Frantz ... Claire
Erin Gray ... Ethel Swift
Jim Hanks ... Director
Emily Happe ... Kerry
Mark Alexander Herz ... Male Co-Star
Macon Hill ... Matt Swifts younger brother
Ben Hisoler ... Flower Delivery Guy
Elise Jackson ... Female Co-Star
Vicki Lewis ... Vivienne
Ron Melendez ... Chrs
Stephane Nicoli ... Fan
Bruce Nozick ... Eric Spencer
Ian Scott Rudolph ... Paparazzi
Bradley Snedeker ... Peter Drake
Cheryl Texiera ... Vanessa
Jared Ward ... Henry


Straight-laced Jordan Brady is all set for a low-key bachelorette weekend in Vegas until she wakes up after a late-night out and discovers she married celebrity Matt Swift by mistake. Jordan works as fast as she can to annul the marriage, keep her engagement intact, and fight off a barrage of unwanted press. But she finds herself more confused than ever when she starts falling in love with the movie star she's married to instead of the fiancΓ© she thought was her perfect match.

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  1. The background music was so loud that it became annoying and I couldn't hear almost every third word. If you can't hear EVERY word that is spoken then they shouldn't speak.

  2. Loved this movie.

  3. An odd film...Kellie Martin was a bit too mature for the role but her spunk and her energy made up for it. Her initial fiance was the worst actor ever...A TOTAL BLOCK OF WOOD! Corky would have a better job and why didn't Kellie insist that her TV sister Paige be in this classic? She could have played one of her friends...

  4. Fiance was a "Cigar Store Indian"---ug...Don't go to Vegas...way to go Kristy...u go girl!

  5. awful movie, I couldn't even sit through the whole thing. Like a previous review said, the back ground music was extreely loud. The actress Kellie Martin was a bit odd for the part. It called for someone a bit fresher. The whole film was odd and badly acted.

  6. The film suck I feel for Peter for being dumped I hope there's a sequel with Peter finding his real soul mate.

  7. The music was so loud that the show became the background. I could've overlooked the interesting casting choices, but the music made the movie unbearable. It is too bad because my daughter and I were excited to watch this. Instead we changed the channel after 20 minutes when we realized the music wasn't going anywhere.

  8. The music ruined the movie. It was so loud and annoying that the show became the background to the background music. My daughter and I are so disappointed because we really wanted to watch this movie, but had to turn it off after 30 minutes when we realized the music wasn't going anywhere.

  9. Really disappointed in the actress choice. I think the role called for someone who looked a bit younger and fresher. She looked way older than her husband.

  10. i enjoyed this movie because of kellie she is a very good actor

  11. The loud music is probably a result of the copy. I saw it on TV recently and the music was fine - no problems with it being too loud


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